Star Ocean: Blue Sphere (スターオーシャン ブルースフィア, Sutā Ōshan Burū Sufia) is a 2001 Game Boy Color video game that is the direct sequel to Star Ocean: The Second Story. The original game has never been released outside of Japan. On 8th June 2009, a remake was released for mobile phones but so far, only a Japanese version has been released. The text is colloquial with an emphasis on "sci-fi" jargon.



Taking place 2 years after Star Ocean: The Second Story and the defeat of the 10 Wise Men, all the characters have since moved on with their lives. Claude has taken Rena, Leon, and Precis to live on Earth with him. Ashton, Celine, Dias, Noel, Chisato, and Bowman still live on Planet Expel. Ernest and Opera are treasure hunting when their ship crash lands on Planet Edifice. Opera manages to send out an S.O.S. to Precis, who then rounds up the entire gang (sans Claude and Rena, who are on a Federation mission) in her self-built ship and heads to the planet. They are also mysteriously pulled down through the planet's atmosphere and crash-land. They decide to explore their surroundings and search for their missing comrades, hoping that Claude and Rena will rescue them, but they too crash-land on Edifice later on in the game.


Playable characters

Timeline of Events

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere


S.D. 368

  • Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford are unavailable due to their duties with the Pangalactic Federation. They soon learn, however, their mission involves investigating a being known as Akuma, who has been destroying and rebuilding the civilization of a planet for quite some time, now. The planet turns out to be Edifice! The pair depart to meet up with their comrades.
  • Precis and crew depart their ship to explore. They come across a boy named Lent from the nearby Scout Village. Lent shows the party to his grandfather's house.
  • Lent's grandfather tells the group of Mile Dungeon to the north, which is rumored to hold some sort of artifact called "The Gift." Thinking this may lead them to Ernest or Opera, the party decides to check it out.
  • The party does not find Ernest, Opera, or "The Gift." They do, however, obtain bombs which they use to unblock the east exit of Scout Village, which impassable, and continue their quest.
  • Outside, the group meets with Ruddle, a traveling merchant who claims he saw a 3-eyed man heading to Aba City.
  • Precis and the others arrive at Aba City and meet the king. They learn there are more ruins beneath the city, known as Leviabor. Again, thinking Ernest and Opera might be there, they ask permission to enter. The king agrees under the condition the party proves their worth by going to Garp Dungeon to defeat a bothersome dragon that lives there.
  • Precis and crew go to Garp, defeat the dragon, and return to Aba.
  • They receive permission to enter the ruins from the king. Before they can however, they get into an argument with a woman outside who is a member of the resistance movement against the king. A soldier arrives and thinking everyone is a member of the rebels, throws them into jail.
  • WIth the help of sympathizers, the party escapes.
  • BSr pro Ernest
    Back in Aba City, they finally meet up with Ernest, separated from Opera. Ernest does not know why he and Opera crashed either, so they decide to go to his ship and find out why.
  • Ernest and company then travel to Slave Village. Showing their authorization from the king, to the guard, they proceed to the crash site at Agit, which happens to be home to the resistance movement.
  • Climbing to the top of the trees, the group retrieves the energy crystal from Ernest's ship. They find that nothing was wrong with the ship, after all.
  • Heading back, they learn that Aba's army is attacking Agit and Slave Village. They defeat the army and save the leaders of the resistance, Elius and Marcus.
  • Ernest recommends the group go and retrieve Opera, who is working in the laboratory at Knott.
  • Passing through the Underground Passage, Nusa Beach, Bunny City, and a desert, Ernest and the other finally reach Knott.
  • BSr pro Opera-0
    BSr pro Rival
    They meet Opera in a laboratory, along with a young girl named Rival that Opera saved from a monster.
  • Opera asks the party to retrieve the Parentia Stone from the ruins underneath the laboratory. The party agrees.
  • The group successfully retrieves the Parentia Stone and returns it to Opera.
  • Rival begins to explain a little about herself and asks the group to return to Bunny City with the Parentia Stone to obtain some info.
  • The party travels to Bunny City and does so. Then, a messenger informs them that Knott is under attack.
  • The group returns to Knott and defeats a monster invasion, saving Rival and Opera.
  • Rival then tells the whole story of the planet Edifice. Edifice was once an extremely advanced planet but one day, Akuma appeared and destroyed most of the civilization, purposefully keeping a small number of survivors and some ruins. The people rebuilt, however, the civilization was destroyed once more, with the exception of a small number of survivors and ruins. This process continually has repeated itself for centuries and the most recent destruction was exactly 200 years ago, in S.D. 168. Rival wishes to put a stop to this cycle and asks the crew to come with her to the city of Lung, which is rumored to hold the secret behind Edifice's cycle of destruction. Everyone agrees to help.
  • In order to get to Lung, Rival and the others must pass through the land of the dead, known as Scream, as well as scale the Sunerupentesu Tower. They pass the trials and arrive at Lung.
  • Rival and the team meet Jima, leader of Lung and one of the few survivors of the tsunami 200 years ago. It is explained that he is a seal to a place known as Grand Knott. After a brief talk about Edifice before the disaster, he elborates on Akuma. He says Akuma is not a single being, rather it is born to a human every 200 years. He says that he sent the monsters to attack Knott in der to prevent Rival from obtaining the Parentia stone. The crew realizes that Rival has been manipulating them the entire time.
  • Suddenly, Akuma manifests itself within Rival. She kills Jima and breaks the seal on Grand Knott, the object sitting above the city of Knott. Rival then takes the Parentia stone with her and escapes.
  • Meanwhile, Claude and Rena arrive on Edifice. The same strange force pulls their ship into the planet.
  • At a loss for what to do next, a being calling himself Lohse arrives to the party. He reveals he is an Edifan, the underwater race of the planet. He says that he was sent by Jima to guide everyone and wishes them to come meet his leader at the underwater ship called Aqua City. The party agrees.
  • Lohse sacrifices himself and transforms into a trinket to allow the party to breathe underwater.
  • Everyone travels through the Underground Combs and arrives at Aqua City.
  • They meet the king of Aqua City, Bie. Bie pleads with the party to stop Akuma from destroying the planet again. Bie asks the party to rescue the other 2 kings of Aqua to obtain their guidance and power. The 3 of them can also allow the party to enter Grand Knott. The crew agrees and hastily saves King Laum and King Nero.
  • During this time, Rival has returned to Knott and boarded Grand Knott using the Parentia stone. All of a sudden, Grand Knott begins to fly toward Aba City and upon reaching it, destroys the city with a powerful laser. It then docks with Leviabor Ruins.
  • The party rushes to Leviabor Ruins to stop it before it can take off again.
  • BSr pro Rena-0
    BSr pro Claude-0
    Along the way they meet Rena who tells them that Claude is sick in Bunny Village. In order to cure him, Rena and the others travel to Knott Laboratory with an herb found in the Underground Combs. A scientist of Knott, named Simone, makes an antidote and Claude is cured.
  • The party fights through the Leviabor Ruins and defeats Rival, only to find out they defeated none other than a clone. The real Rival shows up and smites the party with the power extracted from the Leviabor ruins. Before she can deliver the finishing blow, the 3 Kings of Aqua teleport everyone out, to safety.
  • Rival disengages Grand Knott from the ruins and flies all the way up to a space station orbiting the planet. The ruins happen to be recharging points for Grand Knott, which is why they are always spared from destruction. The Kings of Aqua say it is only a matter of time before Edifice is once again destroyed.
  • Bie tells the party there is only one remaining way to save the planet - by using the space elevator known as Ex-Trokia, they can travel up to the space station.
  • Ashton, Precis, Dias, Noel, Chisato, Ernest, Opera, Leon, Bowman, Rena, Claude, and Celine prepare for the final assault. They fight their way up Ex-Trokia and make it to the space station.
  • On the space station they run across Cosmos City, a city of robotic guardians.
  • Everyone finally infiltrates Grand Knott and finds Rival.
  • Rival tells the group she is being controlled by a computer known as Mother Edifice. This computer protects the planet of Edifice by wiping it clean when its technology advances too far, in order for the inhabitants to not live through the grief of destroying each other, as a result of misusing that technology. Akuma is simply how Mother Edifice works through a being in order to re-unite the Grand Knott with the space station. The ones responsible for Mother Edifice are in fact... the Muah. They were sent to Edifice well after the disaster on Earth.
  • In order to save Edifice, the party defeats Rival. Before dying, she tells everyone that she was responsible for their ships crashing onto the planet. Even though she was being controlled by Akuma, deep down she wanted to end the cycle and used her power to pull ships from outer space in hopes of finding the prophesied heroes who could save the planet.
  • The party destroys Mother Edifice and ends the cycle of death once and for all.


Blue Sphere attempts to adapt traditional Star Ocean gameplay to the Game Boy Color. For the first time, random battles are removed and enemy characters can be seen on the field. When engaged in combat, the screen changes to a side-scrolling view and retains real-time combat. The characters can only move left and right, and the majority of fighting is influenced through combos. Battle techniques and magic can be assigned to button combinations, making the battle system more similar to Star Ocean's cousin series, Tales.

Blue Sphere is the first game in the Star Ocean series to include a player vs player mode which would later be re-introduced in the Director's Cut version of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. Two players, each with their own cartridges, link their Gameboy systems together with a Link Cable and have their teams battle until one team falls.


New artwork for the mobile remake

Mobile Phone Version

On June 8, 2009, a remade version of Star Ocean: Blue Sphere was released in Japan under the same title. Only available on iMode phones, this game has a completely reworked battle system and new artwork for the characters and all backgrounds.


Much like the other games in the series, Star Ocean: Blue Sphere also has a manga based on it that was drawn by Aoi Mizuki and serialized in Monthly Shonen Gangan. Oddly enough, Noel Chandler and Chisato Madison, two of the twelve main characters from Star Ocean 2, have been omitted from the storyline, since the Star Ocean: The Second Story manga was canceled prematurely before either character could appear in the storyline.

Composer Motoi Sakuraba released a two-CD soundtrack for this game. The first disc was an arrangement album of selected tracks, while the second was the complete in-game score.


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