Illustration for the Star Ocean: Blue Sphere manga.

Star Ocean: Blue Sphere is a manga based on the video game Star Ocean: Blue Sphere.


366 SD, a malevolent organization, "The Ten Wise Men", manipulated the Crest of Annihilation in an attempt to destroy the entire universe. Their aspirations were crushed by the heroes' actions across many planets, and the Ten Wise Men were defeated. The Universe was at peace once again. Thereafter, the heroes decided to go their separate ways. And two years later...

Precis and Leon are studying abroad on Earth. Then one day, they received an SOS from Opera Vectra and Ernest Raviede, saying that they had crashed on an underdeveloped planet. And the both of them, gathering some old friends, set off to Edifice to rescue them. But what they will find there will lead them on another adventure in which they will need to save a planet, and possibly the entire universe once again.