Star Ocean: Second Evolution is the Playstation Portable remake of Star Ocean: The Second Story Star Ocean, developed by tri-Ace and published by Square Enix. It is the sixth Star Ocean game released. The first details of the game were revealed at the "Star Ocean Special Stage" during the Square Enix Party 2007, alongside those of Star Ocean: First Departure. Yoshinori Yamagishi, the producer of the series, stated that he wanted the remakes to feel as though they're completely new games.

As of November 30, 2008, the game has sold 141,218 copies in Japan.


Playable characters

Timeline of Events

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution


S.D. 366

Sorcery Globe Falls
  • The Sorcery Globe descends onto the planet Expel, 4th planet of the Arcura System. The object lands near the town of Eluria on the continent of El. It emits some sort of strange energy that begins to transform animals and people on the planet into demons.
  • ClaudeCKenny-0
    About 3 months later, the Federation ship Calnus, commanded by Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny and accompanied by his son, Claude C. Kenny, arrive at the planet Milokeenia to investigate strange energy readings detected in the area.
  • Ronyx, Claude, and other crew members take a shuttle down to the planet to investigate. Ronyx gives Claude his phase gun.
  • A large, destroyed dome is detected with strange energy readings. A science officer concludes an explosion happened from within.
Claude transports
  • Claude, despite warnings from his father, investigates a device within the dome. It opens up a trans-warp portal and sends Claude to the Sacred Forest on the planet Expel.
Claude Saves Rena-0
  • Soa 003 cs1w1 578x720
    Claude sees Rena Lanford being attacked by a monster in the Sacred Forest. He accidentally breaks the UP3 by using the phase gun to defeat it. Rena believes Claude is the legendary "Warrior of Light" who wields the Sword of Light and wears alien remnants who will come to save the planet. Claude denies this.
Not the hero
  • Westa, Rena's adopted mother, cooks Claude a huge meal as thanks for saving Rena. That evening, Arlia's mayor, Regis, informs Claude about the Sorcery Globe. Claude, again, denies he is the warrior.
Rena Captured
  • The next day, Rena is kidnapped by her childhood friend, Allen Tax and taken to his mansion in the nearby town of Salva. There, she is taken into a chapel erected in a mine, to be forced to marry Allen.
Rescue Operation
  • Claude travels to Salva and blasts down Allen's mansion's door with his phase gun.
Defeating Allen
  • He then rescues Rena before the marriage can take place. Claude destroys a mysterious stone that was making Allen evil, causing him to return to normal.
  • Claude and Rena return to Arlia.
  • Claude recognizes the Sorcery Globe as an OPA and realizes it may hold information about returning home. He offers to investigate the Sorcery Globe but again denies being the Warrior.
  • Rena becomes upset at the continuous denial of Claude being the Warrior and runs out of the house.
  • Regis privately tells Claude that Rena is not Westa's child and they have no idea where she comes from. She also possesses a strange healing power that no one else on the planet possesses.
  • Going for a walk, Claude comes across Rena, who tells him that she secretly knew all along and the key to her origins is a pendant she's always had. She then accepts an invitation to travel with Claude.
Talking about Dias
  • The pair travel to Krosse Castle, making it by night fall. Rena tells Claude that her aunt runs the inn in town and they quickly stay the night. Claude meets Rena's aunt, who jokes about the two being in a relationship. Rena swiftly denies this and they go to bed. Before they go to sleep, Rena tells Claude about her childhood friend, Dias Flac, who had been brought up a few times to Rena, in front of Claude.
King of Krosse
  • The next day, Claude and Rena receive an audience with the King, who Rena seems to be on good terms with. The King reveals more information about the Sorcery Globe. He sends them on their way to the town of Clik, where they can take a boat to the El continent. In good faith, he also supplies them with passports and travel money.
  • As the pair leave, they fail to notice a woman spying on them from the sidelines of the throne room.
Celine vs. Mage
  • Outside of the castle, Claude and Rena hear a great commotion. Rushing to the town square, they see the woman who was spying on them in a heated argument with a man over a map. Claude rushes forward, confronting the guy and the man begins charging a powerful fire spell, only for the woman to cast her own spell, causing him to burst into flame. The man retreats, leaving the map, and she insists upon joining the party.
  • CelineJules-0
    The woman introduces herself as Celine Jules, a Symbologist and treasure hunter. She convinces Claude and Rena to help her investigate Krosse Cave, which she claims is rumored to hold information about the Sorcery Globe.
  • After traversing the cave, the party retrieves a tome nobody can read and Celine suggests they take it to the Elder of her home village, Marze, to decipher it.
Crashing the Wedding
  • Returning to Cross, the group splits up to gather supplies and relax. Rena comes across Celine, who begins a romance with Prince Chris or Krosse, starting in a tavern. Chris, new to life outside of the castle, has no money to pay the bill for his food. Celine and Rena quickly swoop in and pay it. Over the course of their stay in Krosse, Celine and Chris continue their meetings and eventually she finds out he is the prince, set to marry the princess of the Lacour continent. As the wedding takes place, Rena encourages Celine to stop it, knowing that she is madly in love with him. Rushing through the church doors, she screams Chris' name just as the vows are to be said and he immediately stops the wedding. The princess, devastated, tells the guards to leave Celine alone and that she wishes Celine to have a dress so she can marry Chris, instead. She then leaves.
Marriage Proposal
  • After the wedding, Celine and Prince Chris meet in his royal bedroom. He proposes to her and she accepts, however, he must wait until after the group is done with their journey to investigate the Sorcery Globe. Prince Chris agrees and the pair leave.
Meeting Ernest
  • Meanwhile, Claude, on the way to the castle, bumps into a three-eyed man who is rushing down the castle steps. The pair excuse themselves, with Claude finding it odd that a three-eyed man would be in town. Claude then meets up with the other two party members and they make their way to the port town of Clik.
  • Before the three can leave for the El continent, a young boy named Ketil steals the travel money the King gifted them, as well as their own savings. Unable to travel without it, they search the town and find the young boy, who just wanted to show off to his friends. Taking the money back, they take Ketil to the harbor where there are children playing, only to find out that none of the children like him because he is rich.
Ketil Reunited
  • The three convince the children to play with Ketil and move on to their boat. The Captain tells them they will be just a little while before they set sail and the three make their way to the town square. As they move to a bench, they hear a woman warning the townspeople that they don't have much time - Clik is going to be destroyed. Celine, along with the townspeople, don't believe her and she rushes off, defeated, leaving the town.
  • A little while later, as the group decides to make their way back to the harbor, a giant Earthquake erupts below them, shaking the entire town. Panic erupts throughout the town square as the citizens try to make their way to higher ground. Claude, Rena, and Celine quickly follow, making it to safety before a huge tsunami wipes out the town.
  • In shock, the group reclaims their passport from the safe, ship captain and he tells them they can depart for Lacour at the port town of Harley.
    Soa 004 cs1w1 714x720
  • On the way to Harley, Claude, Rena, and Celine stop off in Marze for supplies. They learn that bandits have abducted the children of the village and are holding them hostage for the Ancient Book of Seals, which holds powerful Symbology. Dias, having been traveling through, was hired by the town to save them. After a meeting with Celine's parents, the village Elder, and a powerful Symbologist, Claude and Rena have a falling out when Claude refuses to let Dias join their team. In the morning, before anyone else is awake, Rena and Dias leave for the hideout in the Forest of Symbols. Later on, Claude and Celine make their journey through the forest, separately.
Bandit leader
Bandits defeated
  • Dias and Rena save the children, then learn that the kidnapping was just a distraction to invade the village and steal the book of Seals. Dias and Rena quickly defeat the leader of the bandits while Claude and Celine defeat the powerful Symbologist who was at the meeting, discussing what to do about the bandits. Dias and Rena meet up with Claude and Celine, which prompts Dias to praise Claude's swordsmanship. He then takes his leave. The three meet up with the Elder and ask him about the ancient writings they discovered in Krosse Cave. The Elder tells them he cannot decipher them and they should take the writings to Linga, where a linguist will be able to tell them what the writings mean.
Father healed
  • After the meeting is over, the party meets up at Celine's house. Egras, Celine's father, is injured, and Rena offers to heal him. After doing so, Claude and Rena try to leave the village but are stopped by Celine and she insists they stay the night. After dinner, Egras tells Claude and Rena that Celine is still very young and he doesn't believe they will successfully complete their journey. Celine comes down the stairs during the middle of the conversation and they convince her father they can do it.
Sal Dragons
Dragon Fight
  • The next day, Celine's parents see the three off and they make their way to Harley. Once there, they overhear two sailors talking about a dragon in the Salva Mines. Interested, the party turns around and makes their way back to Salva. They enter the deep part of the mines and find a man fighting a large, two headed dragon. Instead of joining him, because the mines passageways are too cramped, they decide to cheer him on.
Ashton (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
  • Unfortunately for the man, this distracts him and something happens that causes the dragons to fuse to his body. With two, long dragon heads coming out of the man's back, he freaks out and yells at the group, blaming them. Introducing himself as "Ashton Anchors," he demands they take him along to exorcise the dragons. Reluctantly, the group takes him along and suggests they go back to Marze to find out how to exorcise the dragons.
  • The group makes their way back to Marze and inside the Elder's home, they find a book on Exorcism. Reading it, they find out that they will need a chalice and a tear from a powerful bird atop a mountain. They also find out that by exorcising the dragons, it will kill them as well. Claude, Rena, and Celine feel bad for the parasitic dragons, having named them Creepy and Weepy, however, Ashton is still hellbent on removing them.
Communication Fail
  • Not wanting to keep the Lacour continent waiting, the group puts off Creepy and Weepy's exorcism a little while longer and sails across the ocean to the town of Hilton. Finally, on the continent of Lacour, the group stays the night at the inn. In the middle of the night, Claude goes outside and tries speaking on his transmitter, trying to get a hold of the Calnus - it doesn't work. Rena oversees him do this and runs back to her room before he notices. With a sigh, Claude returns to his room and they both go to sleep.
  • In the morning, Claude and Rena travel to the castle town of Lacour. They make their way to the castle and ask for an audience with the King, however, it is impossible as he is busy preparing for the Lacour Tournament of Arms. The receptionist suggests if Claude were to win, he would be able to have an audience a lot sooner.
  • Entering the Contest
  • Claude agrees and signs up for the tournament, which will commence in quite a few days. In the meantime, the group decides to make their way back to Krosse, so they can exorcise Ashton's demonic dragons.
  • Upon exiting the castle, Claude notices something falling from the sky, only to collapse under the weight of a young woman. The woman gets off of Claude and introduces herself as none other than Welch Vineyard, the same girl from Star Ocean: First Departure, having once again traversed the timeline, into S.D. 366. Immediately hitting on Claude, she forces herself into the group, even as Rena protests, fueled by a twinge of jealousy.
  • Opera (Star Ocean Second Evolution)-0
    The next morning, the group decides to head back to Krosse, in hopes to exorcise Ashton's dragons. Making their way back to Hilton, the group stops in the tavern for a bite to eat. There, they come across a three-eyed woman having a drinking contest with a man. After winning, she tells the man he owes her an answer, asking him if he's seen a three-eyed man around. He says no. Claude, having overheard, walks up to the woman and tell her he has seen the man. At first, defeated, the three-eyed woman brushes him off, but quickly realizes what Claude had just said. Claude tells her that he saw the man in the town of Krosse. With haste, she tells them her name is Opera Vectra and rushes off.
  • Finding the three eyed man and woman suspicious, Claude decides that they should ask the king about the woman while they ask about the chalice Ashton will need for his exorcism.
  • The group make their way to Krosse Castle and enter an audience with the king. He tells them the Chalice is in the nearby Mountain Palace and that he also sent the three-eyed man and woman there, previous.
Looking for Ernest
  • Deciding to kill two birds with one stone, the party travels to the mountain palace. Inside, they find Opera. Startling her, she jumps back and pulls out a ray gun. Remembering them from the bar, she lowers her weapon and Claude immediately pulls her away from the group. Having noticed the technology of her weapon, he grills her on where she came from, stating he knows that she is an alien. She tells him she is searching for her lover, Ernest Raviede, and she knows that he is on Expel.
Creepy and Weepy
Ernest Gone
  • Claude accepts her into the group, saying he will help her find him. Everyone, including Opera, move deeper inside of the palace. After a while of searching, they find a laboratory where Ernest has been living, but no sign of Ernest. Upset, Opera vows to keep looking, and finally reaching the center of the palace, they find the chalice Ashton has been looking for. As he tries to take it, a succubus attacks them. The team quickly dispatches of the she-demon and leaves with their prize.
  • Outside of the palace, they deduce that they will find the bird's tears atop the Lasgus Mountains.
Defeating Xine
  • Upon climbing the mountain, the group meets a large phoenix named Xine. Xine speaks to them, shocking everyone. They tell Xine they need his tear and are told they must battle him to prove themselves. Shocking everyone, Creepy and Weepy take control of Ashton's body and fight alongside the party against Xine. Defeating him, Xine takes pity upon them and cries a tear, which lands in their chalice. Ashton comes to, still ready to fight the monstrous bird, only to find out that they have the tear. Celine says that the only thing left to do is go to the site of the possession so they can kill Creepy and Weepy. Ashton whines about no one caring about his feelings and they head off.
  • Upon reaching the Salva Mines, the group makes their way to the spot Ashton was possessed. Ashton begins the exorcism ritual, which causes Creepy and Weepy to writhe in agony, only for him to stop, not wanting to kill them. He states that he will live with Creepy and Weepy for the time being and offers to stick around and help with th
    Opera Crash Land Site
    e Sorcery Globe investigation. Happy, the group accepts his joining and they all decide to stop off in Arlia for a break.
  • Upon entering Rena's home town, Opera takes Claude to the Sacred forest and shows him her crashed space ship, revealing that she, too, is trapped on Expel. The pair then head back and everyone returns to Lacour for the tournament.
Dias Bar
  • Upon speaking with the castle attendants, Claude learns he must sign up with a weapon shop for the tournament. After he does, the group decides to stay at the inn while Rena wonders if Dias is in town. She decides to sneak off, pretending to need some air, and looks around for him. In town, she meets a little girl who is looking for a warrior to use her grandpa Gamgee's sword. Rena offers to take her around town in search for a warrior. Traveling into the tavern, the little girl gets into a heated argument with a swordsman. The swordsman walks toward her, threateningly, only for Dias to walk in and threaten them to leave the girl alone. Upon seeing Rena, he finds out what they are doing and chastises her for being in such a dangerous place. As the conversation goes on, Rena asks Dias if he signed up with a weapon shop. She says no and he offers to use the little girl's grandpa's sword. The two run off and Rena returns to the inn without a word of what went on.
  • On the day of the tournament, Claude and group make their way to the Coliseum where they see Dias. Claude is told to go to the waiting area as he is first to participate in the tournament, however, they tell Dias his sword never arrived and that he cannot compete unless his shop turns in his weapon. Dias and Rena let slip that she helped Dias find his weapon for the tournament. Claude, angered by this, tells Rena off, causing her to run away to help Dias find his sword, yet again.
Return the sword
  • Dias and Rena rush to Grandpa Gamgee's shop and find his granddaughter upset. She tells them the men from the tavern took her grandpa hostage. The pair, with haste, make their way to the tavern and find the thugs. They immediately attack Rena and Dias but are defeated by the master swordsman and the healing symbologist. Rena and Dias quickly enter the tavern and find Gamgee. Dias tells Rena to go back to the Coliseum and rushes off with Gamgee to enter the sword for the tournament.
First Fight
  • Rena makes her way to the stands where she sees the group. They tell her that Claude was first up and he won the round. She wishes she would have stayed to see him win but is also worried about a fight between Dias and Claude.
Dias First Round
  • A few moments later, Claude makes his way over to the group and talks to Rena. The two make up and are interrupted by Dias' fight. Dias makes short work of his enemy. Several rounds go by and Claude and Dias are in the finals.
Dias Wins
Dias' Compliment
  • As the fight begins, it's clear Claude is no match for Dias and ends up losing. The entire party rushes off to see Claude. Rena quickly heals his wounds and Dias appears. He praises Claude once more and Claude does the same to Dias. They then make their way out of Lacour, to Linga.
Precis (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
  • The group moves on to Linga. Upon entering the town, they see a teenage girl chasing what Claude quickly recognizes as a toy robot. Somehow, the girl manages to trip and fall, causing the group to rush over and see if she's okay. Just fine, the girl tells them her name is Precis F. Neumann and that the toy robot's name is "Robbie." Without saying much else, Precis notices Robbie escaping and takes off, chasing him.
  • Noticing the linguist's building, the group makes their way over and tries to go in. Almost immediately, the linguist's assistant tells them that Keith; the linguist, is booked and that they won't be able to see him for at least a month. Before they can protest, the assistant pushes them out of the building, bringing them back to square one.
Recruiting Precis
  • They then decide to split up. Claude makes his way around town, only to bump into the eccentric girl, Precis, who was chasing the robot. Precis invites him home for tea, which he accepts.
Bowman (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
Bowman Jean
  • Meanwhile, Rena enters the town's pharmacy, where she meets the herbalist there, who just so happens to be Keith's friend, Bowman Jean. Bowman tells Rena that he will get her and her group a meeting if she retrieves a rare herb from the nearby Sanctuary of Linga.
  • On the other side of town, Claude is having tea with Precis and her father. Precis learns about Claude's group's investigation and expresses interest in joining. Claude lets her know that he doesn't want to be responsible for her, as this journey is dangerous, but she still wants to join. Claude gives in and when the party finally meets back up, he introduces her to everyone. Rena suppresses a little bit of jealousy and tells everyone about the test.
  • Immediately, the group enters the Sanctuary of Linga, fight their way through demons, and find what they perceive to be a rare herb.
Bowmans home
  • They quickly return to town and meet with Bowman. He tells them that the herb they found is not rare, whatsoever, however, he realizes they must have gone pretty far in and agrees to a meeting with Keith. Bowman takes them to meet Keith, who takes the ancient writings and tells them he will need time to decipher them. Happy to return at a later date, the group is invited to stay the night at Bowman and his wife, Ninay's home. They discuss the Sorcery Globe investigation and Bowman requests to come along. Not wanting to take Bowman away from Ninay, Claude at first refuses, but with Bowman insisting, he agrees.
Leon (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
Lacour Evacuation
  • The group travels back to Lacour castle, now that the tournament is over, in hopes for an audience with the king. Upon entering, they notice it is a ghost town. A nearby gate guard tells them that demons from the El Continent have made their way onto the Lacour continent and are attacking, and they must take refuge in the castle. The entire party rushes up the castle steps and inside where they meet with the attendants, who tell them to move inside. The group walks around the castle and makes their way to the Symbological Weapons Research Laboratory. Overhearing the researchers talking about a weapon with the king, the group is noticed by a guard. A young boy named Leon D.S. Gehste tells them they do not belong there, however, Bowman steps forward and speaks with the king.
Bowman Lab
  • It is revealed that Bowman used to work in the laboratory. Leon, scoffs and insults Bowman, only to be put in his place by the wiser man. The researchers tell them that Leon is in charge of designing the Lacour Hope, a Symbological Weapon and they must help him complete it by going to the Hoffman Ruins to retrieve an energy stone. The party agrees and heads to the port of Hilton.
Hoffman Ruins
  • There, they sail across the sea to a small island hosting the ruins. Claude and Opera notice the mechanism for entering the ruins is very high tech, but go in anyway. Deep inside the ruins, the group is ambushed by two demons. After dispatching the demons, they find Leon hiding in fear. Rena tells him it's okay and her pendant begins to resonate next to several stones. Moving forward, the group takes the energy stone and returns to the entrance.
Ernest (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
Ernest Ghost
Ernest Recruited
  • Upon exiting, Opera rushes off, proclaiming that she sees Ernest. She quickly embraces him, only to be attacked. The group finds out that he is being possessed by a ghost and they must fight him if they wish to save him and Opera. The group attacks and dispatches of the ghost, freeing Ernest from its grasp. Opera stands up and reunites with him once more. She asks if it's okay for Ernest to come along and continue the Sorcery Globe investigation and the group agrees that it's fine.
  • With the energy stone and a new party member, the group returns back to Lacour Castle. Leon rushes off to complete the Lacour Hope and the party is taken to the front lines. Several days go by as hordes of monsters attack, causing the group to defend the battle front. A powerful demon known as Shin shows up. No matter how hard the party tries, they just cannot defeat him. The demon decides to leave with a warning. The next time he returns, he will show no mercy.
  • Within the next couple of days, the party meets up with Dias who is also helping to fight.
Lacour Hope
  • The next day, the largest wave of monsters appears and threatens to overtake the front lines. Dias, the group, and the military look on as defeat seems eminent, only for Leon to rush in, proclaiming the Lacour Hope is finished and transported. A symbologist powers up the weapon and fires it at the demon horde. As the weapon's Symbological energy soars into the sky, it explodes, raining fire down on the horde, killing them all.
  • Victorious, the party is requested at the castle. On the way out of the front lines, Dias and Rena have a private chat and she invites him to join the group. Dias agrees that he would like that but doesn't think Claude would be okay with him joining. Rena tells him it will be okay and she rushes off to ask him. Claude asks Rena about Dias' and her relationship only to find out that they are not romantic but that she thinks of him as a big brother and vice-versa. Claude tells Rena it's okay that he joins and they accept him into the group.
On to el
  • Back at the Lacour Castle, the King tells the group that they have a ship ready to sail to El. They are planning to board the Lacour Hope onto it and use it to assault the epicenter of the demons. The group agrees and everyone rushes to Hilton to move on with the investigation.
  • Leon, his parents, Claude, Rena, and company, and several soldiers sail off toward the continent of El. On the trip there, three gargoyles attack them. After dispatching the gargoyles, the demon Shin reappears. Leon fires the Lacour Hope at Shin, only for a barrier to deflect the attack. The demon swoops down and attacks everyone, defeating each and every party member.
  • Witnessing their defeat, Murdock and Florith grab Leon and everyone jumps ship. Shin, laughing victoriously, destroys the Lacour Hope, takes the energy stone, and blasts the unconcious and wounded party off of the ship with telekinetic power.
Refugee Camp
  • Rena wakes up on a desolate beach. She finds each and every party member alive except for Claude, who is missing. Scared, they all decide to search for him, in case he might have washed up elsewhere. Traversing through a forest, they find a refugee camp. They enter it and are confronted by the refugees who believe them to be a rescue team from Lacour. They tell the people that Lacour has fallen, causing the refugees to grow upset. All they can do is wait.
Leon parents
  • While the party members wait for Claude, he also wakes up on the beach the group reunited with each other on. Gasping for air, he finds Leon nearby, unconscious. He wakes him up. Leon becomes distraught, realizing they are the only two that survived. He tells Claude he can't take the fact that his parents are dead. Claude convinces him to look for other survivors. Leon reluctantly agrees, not believing anyone else survived. Leon wishes he had died with his parents causing Claude to slap him across the face. Claude tells him never to say that again. He comforts Leon and the pair go searching for survivors.
  • Rena is pacing the refugee camp when she turns and sees Claude with Leon. Screaming out in excitement, she rushes over and holds Claude as tight as she can. They profess how much they've missed each in a very prolonged embrace.
  • The group then meets with the leader of the camp. He tells them the Sorcery Globe crashed into the El Continent and that animals and people around it started turning into demonic creatures. In a short amount of time, the whole continent was full of demons and everyone was forced to seek refuge. He tells the party that the center of the problem is Eluria Tower, where the monsters are based.
  • Before the party leaves to combat the demons, Claude asks the refugees if they would take Leon in. Leon, however, refuses to stay and tells Claude he wants to continue on, with everyone else. The entire party agrees and they head off for Eluria Tower.
  • Meanwhile, back on the Calnus, Admiral Ronyx J. Kenny is distraught over losing Claude back on Milokeenia. A distress signal is picked up from the ship's computer from Claude's communicator. Ronyx orders the ship to Expel, planning to rescue his son.
  • Back on the alien planet, the party makes their way to Eluria Tower. They notice that only one building is left standing. As Rena gets close her pendant begins shining. They make their way forward and use a keycard they got from the refugee leader to get inside. Inside, they find the place swarmed with demons. Knowing they have to move on, they fight their way up.
  • Near the top, Claude's communicator goes off. A voice tells Claude he needs to be ready to warp up. Telling Rena to stay put, as to not drag her with him, he rushes away from her and is teleported into the Calnus.
  • Ronyx, happy to see Claude, welcomes him onto the ship. Claude, however, chastises his father for warping him up. He exclaims that he has unfinished business on Expel, only to be ignored and told he is not allowed to interact or interfere with an underdeveloped planet. Ronyx commands Claude report to the bridge and walks off.
  • In the bridge, one of the ship's operators tells Ronyx that Expel has gone off it's planetary path and will collide with a large energy mass, class 9, within the next 80 minutes.
  • Claude begs Ronyx to let him back on Expel so he can help his friends. Claude pleads his case, causing Ronyx to reluctantly give in, telling him he only has a few minutes to say goodbye.
  • Claude warps back, thinking to himself that Expel is where he needs to be.
  • Rena and the party, having waited 2 hours, don't think he'll be back. Seconds later, Claude warps back in causing Rena to yell at him for leaving. Claude tells them they need to leave the area asap. As they leave, Claude leaves his communicator on the ground and walks off after the party. He tells Rena he doesnt need his communicator anymore and they continue on their way, up the tower.
  • Five minutes later, Ronyx warps the communicator back up to the ship. They find that Claude has removed his communicator causing Ronyx to demand a team warp down and find Claude. His second in command tells Ronyx they don't have time to find Claude. Ronyx states that he shouldn't have lost his cool and returns back to the bridge, devastated.
  • The party scales the tower and meets up with Shin. Ready to take him on this time, they kill him and enter an elevator. At the top of the tower, they encounter the 10 Wise Men. The 10 Wise Men reveal that they sent the Sorcery Globe to Expel to alter the planet's orbit and have it crash into Energy Nede. They plan to use the energy of the impact to travel beyond the barrier around the planetoid, allowing them to enter it. It is said that Expel was chosen for the Sorcery Globe, simply because it had the closest orbit to Energy Nede, however, the stones they found in the Hoffman Ruins, like the ones on Rena's pendant, sped up the process considerably. These stones can be converted to Quadratic Keys and can be used to unleash an enormous amount of energy from Quadratic Spheres, like the Sorcery Globe. Rena learns then that she is Nedian. They also identify Claude as an Earthling and Opera and Ernest as a Tetrageniot, much to the surprise and confusion of everyone else. Moments before impact, the group is attacked and easily defeated by Metatron.
  • Gabriel, of the 10 Wise Men says that it's time to leave Expel and move on to Nede. Seconds later, they warp away. After they do, Expel slams into Energy Nede's barrier, causing the planet to be destroyed.
  • Ronyx looks on, distraught and filled with self-pity, feeling as though he had betrayed his son.
  • Meanwhile, the 10 Wise Men converse with each other, saying that our party have been warped to Energy Nede with them, however, somewhere far away. The Wise Men brush off the group's survival and continue with their plan concerning Energy Nede.
  • The party awakens in an area Rena mysteriously identifies as the Outer Wall of Paradise. Rena remembers a strange woman's voice in her dream. She then wonders if everyone back on Expel is alright. Claude says nothing for fear of upsetting everyone. They are beckoned by a mysterious voice.
  • The group finds the source of the voice, a large, strange object. They step inside of it
  • Upon doing so, the group transport out of the area and into Central City. There, they meet the mayor of Central City, on Energy Nede, Nall, a Nedian. Nall tells the party that the Nedians' power has weakened over billions of years and they are the last hope of defeating the 10 Wise Men. He then tells them the story of the 10 Wise Men's uprising so long ago and the history of the Nedians and Energy Nede. They also learn that they were brought here, to Energy Nede, by a mysterious force and that the Wise Men have taken control of a city called Phynal.
  • Nall instructs you to travel to North City and obtain a Psynard, a Symbological Beast that can be used to transport the party around the planetoid.
  • Claude, Rena, and crew travel to North City. On the way there, a few of the party members notice a young woman following them. They pay no mind to it and enter the city. They find out the Psynards are artificial creations and date from a person's DNA must be uploaded into the beast to control it. Claude and Rena both enter their data, only for the Psynard to go beserk in the laboratory. The party rushes into the next room and reluctantly kills the creature. They find out the Psynard only went beserk because they uploaded alien DNA data into it.
  • Artis, the director of the Artificial Psynard Facility brings the group into his office and tells them they cannot use an artificial Psynard, however, they may be able to use a wild one from the Endangered Species Protection Zone. He then sends them through another teleporter.
Noel (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
  • The party finds themselves inside of a random cabin, in the woods. There, they meet Noel Chandler, the owner of the home and Director of the Protection Zone. He says there is one, wild Psynard remaining in the cave, to the south.
Chisato (Star Ocean Second Evolution)
  • They quickly make their way to the Cave of Crimson Crystals. Upon entering it, Noel notices the animals have gone rampant. Pressing forward, the party runs into the young woman who has been following them. She tells them she is a news reporter named Chisato Madison and they are her latest story. She requests to come along and the party accepts.
  • The party makes their way to the deepest part of the cave and come across the Psynard, only to be shocked to find it is being attacked by two spider demons. The group chooses to help the Psynard and kills the demons. Claude threatens to attack the Psynard, to make it submit, but Noel screams at him to stop. Rena then makes her way forward and heals the Psynard's wounds. The group notices baby Psynards and are glad they didn't attack it. Fortunately for the party, the Psynard submits to them, giving them a new method of transport.
  • The group returns to Central City and speaks to Nall who instructs them to go on a journey. He tells them they must go to the Fields of Power, Love, Intelligence, and Courage to merge the powers of Nede with their own. The key to accessing the Fields are Rune Codes that Nall hands over.
  • The party overcomes the challenges in the Fields of Power, Love, Intelligence, and Courage, gaining visions of various things quite meaningful to them.
  • Upon their success, they report back to Nall who says the forcefield surrounding Phynal cannot be penetrated by their Psynard transport, however, it does not extend to the ocean's floor and a Symbological beast called a Herush can be used to travel underneath it.
  • Nall takes the party to meet a researcher named Marianna and together everyone travels to a military base called L'Aqua to board a Herush and travel to Phynal.
  • There, everyone is greeted by the 10 Wise Men. Anticipating their arrive, the Wise Men have prepared an antimatter cannon. They show an image of the Calnus on a large screen, Ronyx's ship who is continuing to look for Claude. The Wise Men then fire the antimatter cannon at the ship, depleting its shield in two shots. Ronyx, on board, commands his team to fire back, to no avail, as Nede's barrier is too strong. The Wise Men fire one last shot and obliterate the Calnus, killing Ronyx and everyone on board as Claude looks on, helplessly.
  • Enraged, Claude attacks the 10 Wise Men but is easily defeated. Rena heals him and Marianna tells them to reatreat - she will sacrifice herself so they can escape. It is later found out that Marianna survived, however, is gravely injured.
  • Nall reveals the Symbol the Wise Men possessed at Phynal is the Symbol of Annihilation, a Symbological method which creates an infinite point of mass, causing the universe to collapse into itself like a giant black hole. Celine asks about contacting someone back on Expel. Claude and Nall know the truth about Expel's face, which Nall reveals. He says that not all is lost, however. If all the cities of Energy Nede focus their powers, they may be able to bring Expel back to this space-time continuum. Without Phynal, however, it is impossible. Nall realizes that they need more powerful weapons to defeat the Wise Men and begins devising a way to defeat the Symbol of Annihilation. He then tells them to meet him in the town of Armlock.
  • There, Nall shows the party through a transporter that leads to the now destroyed Symbological Weapons Laboratory.
  • Nall accesses the mainframe to collect data on how to create an antimatter (specifically antiproton) weapon. Rena learns that an accident occured here, leading to its destruction and her mother and father, researchers at the lab, put the young Rena in a space-time transporter, despite the great risk involved, and saved her life by transporting her billions of years into the future, on the planet Expel. Rena finally learns why her mother found her in the Sacred Forest and why she has the strange healing Symbology no one else on the planet has.
  • Nall and the group take the data back to Dr. Mirage, a scientist in Armlock.
  • Dr. Mirage analyzes the data and determines the anti-matter could be stabilized to form a weapon if LEA metal is acquired. The party is sent to a cavern, home to a biological life form composed of this LEA metal.
  • The party makes their way to the cavern and defeats the life form. They take a very pure form of the LEA metal back to Dr. Mirage. While Mirage works on the weapons, she instructs them to go to Fun City, home to a Coliseum where they can test their strength against simulations of the 10 Wise Men.
  • The party quickly makes there way there and begins their training.
  • During the training, Dr. Mirage arrives and gives everyone anti-matter weapons, then leaves.
  • The party decides to test the new weapons on the simulations, however, during their test, two of the 10 Wise Men appear, Zaphkiel and Jophiel, attack.
  • Armed with the new weapons, the party attacks the 2 Wise Men and kill them.
  • Worried, the party rushes back to Armlock and finds out a Wise Man is looking for Dr. Mirage. They rush to her home to find Metatron attacking her. Quickly, they do battle with him and defeat him, just like the other two.
  • While resting up after their battles, Ernest and Precis have a conversation about an idea for a device that eliminates the mutating radiation given off by the Energy Stones on the planet Expel, which Precis later sets into motion.
  • Nall gives Rena the Symbol of Divinity, which will rewrite the Symbol of Annihilation and change its meaning.
    A Herush is taken back to Phynal and just like the Eluria Tower, the party scales the tower there. Along the way, they all come into contact with 6 of the remaining Wise Men, Zadkiel, Camael, Raphael, Michael, Haniel, and Lucifer, and swiftly dispatch of each and every one of them. Interestingly enough, the party finds out that Lucifer was planning on wiping out the other Wise Men for his own goals.
  • Either way, the party reaches the top of the tower and finds the last Wise Man, Gabriel. A brutal fight ensues with the party ending up the victorious ones.
  • Gabriel tells the party that upon his death, the Symbol of Annihilation will active anyway. Slowly dying, the Symbol activates only for Rena to invoke the Symbol of Divinity, rewriting the original symbol. Gabriel screams out "no!" and then dies.
  • Rena wonders why the Symbol of Divinity is not stopping the Symbol of Annihilation and Nall reveals that by rewriting it, it is not stopping it, but simply redirecting all of its energy into the only place in the Universe that could contain it - Energy Nede. Nall explains that he is going to combine the power of Phynal with the power of the other cities in Energy Nede and bring Expel back to the current space-time continuum. They will be able to warp back to their planet and be saved. With a sad goodbye, the group is transported back to Expel and Energy Nede is destroyed.

Between S.D. 366 - S.D. 368

Claude Ending
  • Immediately after returning to Expel, Claude requests that Rena return to Earth with him. He also gives Leon and Precis the same offer so they can study more advanced science and symbological research. On Earth, Claude studies at the Military Academy, finally moving out of his father's shadow. He, however, doesn't often talk to others about what happened when he was missing on the planet Expel.
Rena Ending
  • At first, Rena is reluctant to leave Expel, worried about leaving her adoptive mother, Westa, behind but decides to go upon Westa's insistance. She quickly completes a course that would normally take 4 years, with the goal of becoming an army doctor.
Precis Ending
  • Precis accepts the offer and at first, has a hard time adjusting to her new lifestyle. She, however, quickly gets the hang of it and with more advanced technology, upgrades her "Robbie" Robot, allowing it to both hover and alter its shape. She also builds her own space ship.
Leon Ending
  • Leon also accepts and learns over 100 years worth of Expellian knowledge in just 2 short years of being on Earth. Claude's mother, Ilia, immediantly takes to Leon, becoming his surrogate mother; though Leon still keeps in touch with his parents back on Expel. Leon begins advanced Symbological research while on Earth, drawing the attention of his other lab mates.
Celine Ending
  • Celine, now Queen of Krosse, living with King Clyde in the castle town, tries to make her way outside of the castle, only to be stopped by several of her royal attendants, in fear something bad might happen to her. Clyde appears and tells her that he understands that she needs to get out and explore the world. He makes her promise to fulfill her duties as Queen and she agrees. Celine wanders around Expel, helping people with her Symbological abilities.
Ashton Ending
  • Ashton visits a young girl by the name of Eleanor, who he saved from a deathly illness with a rare herb with healing properties. The two catch up and she thanks him for saving her life.
Opera Ernest Ending
  • Immediately after returning to Expel, Opera and Ernest go off to explore uncharted planets and the ruins upon them.
Bowman Ending
  • Bowman returns to his life with Ninay in Linga, deciding to help the Development of Expel from home.
Dias Ending
  • Dias, on the other hand, continues his life of wandering around Expel, honing his swordsmanship and offering his services as a mercenary. He does find the time to visit his sister's and parents' grave site, though.
Noel Ending
  • Chisato and Noel now find themselves homeless, and on Expel. They decide they have to live there, but both have separate difficulties adjusting. Noel is initially frustrated with the destruction of his home, and can't seem to find a place for himself in Expel. Eventually, Noel realizes that Expel is actually perfect for him. While Nede was a dying land, no longer evolving and growing, Expel is still lush with greenery, animals, and people. He eventually comes to terms with Expel, considering it a personal paradise, and goes about discovering new species, and exploring the land.
Chisato Ending
  • Chisato is upset by the primitive nature of Expel, mostly with their lack of a mass communication system. She decides she will do her best to set one up on Expel, as well as continue her journalism. Because of her journalism, she travels to many uncivilized areas of Expel, fighting against monsters there, and improving her fighting skills.
Welch Ending-0
  • Welch walks through the Sacred Forest talking to herself, out loud. She says that Expel was really fun and wonders what world she wants to travel to next, hinting at her ability to migrate through space and time. She eventually does traverse the timeline, leaving S.D. 366.


Second Evolution was produced using an improved version of Star Ocean: The Second Story's engine, with improved audio and graphics. The same engine that was used for Star Ocean: First Departure, produced at the same time as this game. Production I.G provided new artwork and animated cutscenes for the game. There are new voice actors and massive amounts of new, fully voiced dialogue.

Plot-wise, a new character, and consequentially, new private actions and endings were added to this game. In terms of gameplay, the game has been virtually unchanged.

The remake features a completely remastered soundtrack by Motoi Sakuraba and a theme song, "Start", performed by the Japanese group Scandal.

Accessory Kit Set

Hori, the Japanese game peripheral manufacturer, have unveiled a Second Evolution-branded PSP accessory set to be released alongside the game on April 2, 2008. The kit includes the following: a limited, gray PSP case with the Star Ocean logo (not a new PSP entirely), matching headphones, a cell phone strap, and finally, 2 UMD cases to hold both First Departure and Second Evolution games. The kit's release seems to coincide with First Departure Eternal Edition package.

Differences between Second Story and Second Evolution

As the game is an enhanced port, there are many differences between the two versions:

  • Most locations, items, Talents, Skills, Special Arts (called Killer Moves in the PSX version) and even some characters have been renamed (most notably the Ten Wise Men);
  • New voice acting, animated cutscenes and character portraits (as well new art style). All major story events now have voice acting.
  • The player now holds the Circle button to walk (rather than to run as it was in Second Story).
  • New recruitable character: Welch Vineyard.
  • New Private Actions and Endings.
  • Unlocking Galaxy and Universe modes now require defeating a specific number of enemies in a single playthrough rather than unlocking voices in the Voice Collection.
  • Pratically all Combat Skills have been refined, some being removed (such as Cancel, which is now automatically implemented).
    • Gale is now called Godspeed, and along with the increase of movement speed, randomly teleports the character towards the enemy.
    • Flip is now called Backstab, and instead of making the character only attack from behind, the character will randomly teleport behind the enemy.
    • New Skill: Sidestep, that randomly makes the character evade an incoming attack.
    • New Skill: Concentration, that randomly prevents spell cancelation when the character receives damage.
    • New Skill: Recast, that reduces recovery time between spells.
    • New Skill: Trance, that randomly increases damage dealt from spells.
    • The skills Strong Blow, Float, Provocation and Cancel have been removed.
  • The combat system has been slightly refined, now allowing all melee fighters to perform a 3-hit combo as their normal attack.
    • Additionally, short range anti-air attack no longer makes the character jump.
  • Players can press the Square button during some actions to cancel them (such as when the character is running towards an enemy).
  • The combat HUD has been toned down to be more light visually and fit better the PSP screen.
    • All characters have a cast bar below their MP, which is used for mages to see their recovery time between spells (but also affects non-mages that use casting items such as "The Scream").
    • The item timer is now located on the left side of the screen, at the bottom.
  • The Super Specialty "Bunny Call" no longer allows the player to "climb" on towns and some terrains. The player now will enter a town upon approaching while in Bunny Form, and can even activate private actions.
  • All items in the inventory screen are now depicted as 2D icons.
  • Item Creation can be sped up by holding down the X button.
  • Many bugs and glitches have been fixed (most notably the infamous random Cave of Trials screen freeze).
  • Ring of Lightspeed (called Slayer Ring in Second Story) now works on Dias Flac.



Celine, Rena, Claude and Ashton as they appear in Second Evolution

Star Ocean: Second Evolution's protagonists are Claude C. Kenny, son of Ronyx J. Kenny, and Rena Lanford, a young girl living on the planet Expel. Claude, having recently been commissioned as an ensign in the Pangalactic Federation, is given his first mission under the supervision of his father. This first mission is to survey the planet Milokeenia, where a mysterious energy field appears. Once they arrive, they find an alien ruin, filled with mostly broken machinery. Finding a mysterious device in the center of it, Claude begins to examine it close-up, despite orders to keep away from it. Upon getting close to it, the machine activates, teleporting him to Expel.

At approximately the same time, Rena is resting in a forest just outside her village, Arlia. While there, she is assaulted by a monster. Suddenly, Claude teleports into the area, and, seeing Rena being attacked, rushes in to save her, wielding an advanced energy weapon (the Phase Gun that his father gave to him). Upon seeing how she is rescued, Rena decides that Claude is the Hero of Light, spoken of in legends on Expel: he has arrived to an Expel in great danger, he wields a "Sword of Light" and is dressed in "alien raiments." She takes him back to her village, Arlia, for corroboration.

Soon afterwards, the town elder explains to Claude what exactly is going on: Three months ago, a meteorite crashed into Expel. Almost immediately afterwards, monsters began appearing, and natural disasters occurred with increasing frequency and intensity. Believing that these events were related, the people of Expel called the meteorite the "Sorcery Globe". Hoping that the Sorcery Globe may be the key to finding his way home, Claude agrees to investigate it. Rena, still believing that Claude is the Hero of Light, joins up with Claude in the investigation.

Their journey takes them across all three continents of Expel, and eventually they meet the Ten Wise Men and are transported to Energy Nede.

One of the things about the game that was hyped were its multiple endings. The exact number is often said to be 87, though it's really 86 with two having minor differences. There is one ending for each character alone and one for each possible pair of characters. If two characters could be recruited together, they can have an ending together. For example, an ending involving Bowman and Precis does not exist as you cannot have both recruited. There are also secret endings involving characters outside of the party. This adds a certain element of replay value to the game; to see all the character endings, it would be necessary to play through the game nine times or more and would require a vast amount of time and effort since the game is quite long not to mention taking the time to get the characters paired up correctly.


Star Ocean: Second Evolution is also the name of a manga being serialized in Dengeki Maoh. The art is by Yoshida Morohe and is based on the game's story, following Rena's point of view, unlike the The Second Story manga.

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