The cover of the First volume.

Star Ocean: The Second Story (スターオーシャン セカンドストーリー, Sutā Ōshan Sekando Sutōrī) is a seven volume manga series written and illustrated by Mayumi Azuma. Based on the tri-Ace video game Star Ocean: The Second Story, it follows the exploits of Claude C. Kenni, a young ensign in the Earth Federation who finds himself stranded on the Planet Expel. He meets Rena Lanford, a young girl living in the village of Arlia who declares that he is the legendary warrior their legends speak of who will save their troubled world from disaster. The series was serialized in Shōnen Gangan, premiering June 22, 1999 and running until December 21, 2001 when it ended without reaching the conclusion of the story.

Studio Deen adapted the manga series into a twenty six episode anime series entitled Star Ocean EX which aired on TV Tokyo from April 3, 2001 until September 25, 2001. The anime series was released to Region 1 DVD by Geneon Entertainment. To complete the story left unfinished by both the manga and anime, five drama CDs were released in Japan, using the same voice actors from the anime series.


Twenty years after the events of the first Star Ocean video game, Ronyx J. Kenny and his son, Claude C. Kenni are on a mission to investigate a newly discovered planet. While investigating a strange machine with a mysterious energy field, Claude finds himself transported to the planet of Expel. He wakes up in a forest, where he meets Rena Lanford, a young girl being attacked by a monster. After defeating the monster with his phase gun, Rena takes him back to her village of Arlia where he is declared to be the legendary "Warrior of Light" who will save Expel. The planet is in peril since the landing of a large meteorite, the Sorcery Globe, which has caused monsters to spawn around the planet, as well as numerous natural disasters such as earthquakes and tsunami.

Claude refuses to accept he is this warrior, and leaves to try to find someone who can help him go home. In the next town, he learns Rena is in danger from her childhood friend Allen. He rushes to rescue her and finds Allen under the control of a magic crystal. With the crystal destroyed, Allen returns to normal. Realizing the crystal is tied to the Sorcery Globe, and wondering if it can help him get home, Claude decides to travel to El Continent to investigate it and Rena goes with him. Along the way, the meet Celine Junes, a Heraldry user and treasure hunter who tricks the pair into helping her steal the treasure from a cave. The treasure turns out to be a book written in a language none of them knows, so Celine decides to stay with the pair to try to find out more about the book. They group is later joined by Ashton Anchors, another swordsman whom they first encounter in a cave trying to defeat a monster terrorizing a nearby village. Ashton attacks a two-headed dragon, thinking it is the monster, and after he trips the dragon fuses itself to his body, leaving him with the two dragon heads coming out of his back. Ashton makes the group go with him to find the King's Teardrop, blaming them for "distracting him" during his fight and causing everything. After they get there he learns that using the magic power would kill the dragon, so he refuses to do it and joins the group until they can find a way to remove the dragon without causing it any harm.

In the town of Linga, they meet Precis, a young girl inventor who develops a crush on Claude and is oblivious to Ashton being in love with her. They help her cure her friend from a dying illness, and afterward Precis decides to go with them to Lacour where they hope the famous Dr. Leon can answer their questions about the Sorcery Globe and Celine's book.


  • Chapter 1: 'Deai' (出会い...)
  • Chapter 2: 'Surechigai...' (すれ違い...)
  • Chapter 3: 'Henbō' (変貌 ?)
  • Chapter 4: 'Shuppatsu' (出発 ?)
  • Chapter 5: 'Jomonshōjutsushi' (女紋章術師)
  • Chapter 6: 'Te ni Shita Mono wa...' (手にしたものは...)
  • Chapter 7: 'Romansu' (ロマンス)
  • Chapter 8: 'Yochō' (予兆)
  • Chapter 9: 'Kaikō' (邂逅)
  • Chapter 10: A feeling lag
  • Chapter 11: 'Mamorubeki Mono' (守るべき者)
  • Chapter 12: 'Sōtō Ryū to Monshō Kenshi' (双頭竜と紋章剣士)
  • Chapter 13: 'Arata na Nakama' (新たな仲間)
  • Chapter 14: 'Haruka Ginga o Koete' (遥か銀河を越えて)
  • Chapter 14.1: 'Tabi wa Michizure Yo wa Okane...' (旅は道連れ世はお金...)
  • Chapter 15: 'Hatsumei Shōjo Purishisu' (発明少女プリシス)
  • Chapter 16: 'Ringa no Dai Pinchi' (リンガの大ピンチ)
  • Chapter 17: 'Gakeppuchi no Kyūshutsu Geki!' (崖っぷちの救出劇!)
  • Chapter 17.1: 'Mizu no Miyako no Otogibanashi' (水の都の御伽話)
  • Chapter 17.2: 'Ringa no Machi no Kusuriya-san' (リンガの町の薬屋さん)
  • Chapter 18: 'Toraburu Shikaku Kankei?' (トラブル四角関係?)
  • Chapter 19: 'Rakūru Ōkoku' (ラクール王国)
  • Chapter 20: 'Sai...Soshite' (再逢...そして)
  • Chapter 21: 'Bugu Taikai Kaisai' (武具大会開催 ?)
  • Chapter 22: 'Ashuton Yami ni Chiru!!...(Shō)' (アシュトン闇に散る!!...(笑))
  • Chapter 23: 'Sorezore no Omoi' (それぞれの想い)
  • Chapter 24: 'Hofuman Iseki' (ホフマン遺跡)
  • Chapter 25: 'Deai no Ato ni wa...' (出会いのあとには...)
  • Chapter 26: 'Rakūru Zensen Kichi' (ラクール前線基地)
  • Chapter 27: 'Shūrai' (襲来)
  • Chapter 28: 'Yami Kara no Shisha' (闇からの使者)
  • Chapter 29: 'Hyōryū' (漂流)
  • Chapter 30: 'Hinan Chiku Nite' (避難地区にて)
  • Chapter 31: 'Kyōsei Tensō' (強制転送)
  • Chapter 32: 'Tōi Futari' (遠い二人)
  • Chapter 33: 'Kizuna' (絆)
  • Chapter 34: 'Omoi o Tsumui de' (想いを紡いで)
  • Chapter 35: 'Taiketsu' (対決)
  • Final Chapter: 'Hikari no Yūsha' (光の勇者)
  • Another Chapter: 'Kogouta' (孤護唄)
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