Star Ocean: The Second Story Fantasy Megamix is the second arrange album released for Star Ocean: The Second Story. Unlike the previous arrange album, all the tracks were handled by Yoshihiro Ike, who has composed music for various anime and other video games. The album itself is out of print and extremely difficult to find.

Track List

Disc One (37:46)

Track Number Track Name Length
01 Field of Nede 4:28
02 The incarnation of devil 4:36
03 At the crack of dawn 1:14
04 Silent the universe 3:17
05 The Ultimate terror 4:30
06 The venerable forest 3:49
07 A feeling of oppression 4:18
08 STAR OCEAN forever 4:56
09 The fateful a moment 3:15
10 Resolution 3:29

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