" Stop being full of yourself it’s ridiculous. The star ocean is endless, the world vast beyond knowing. If you’re presuming you can carry it all yourself, you’re a fool. It is the stars themselves that decide between prosperity and destruction. All is fate."
Eleyna Farrence.

The Star Ocean is the name given by several civilizations to refer to the great space of between the stars. Mankind began to use this term upon discovering its first method of travelling it at a speed faster than light: Subspace Warp.

"I know it must sound weird, but sometimes I think there just have to be other worlds out there, beyond the sky."
Rena pondering on what lies on the other side of the sky.

Dictionary Entry

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

An expression used to describe the vastness of space. Its etymology probably stems from the resemblance of the great expanse of space and its uncountable shining stars to the vast, sparkling sparkling ocean witnessed by Earth's great explores, back when much of the world still remained to be discovered. The term is often used even by civilizations unaware of the concept of space.

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