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Art for Star Ocean EX.

Studio Deen adapted the Star Ocean: The Second Story manga series into an anime series, naming it Star Ocean EX (スターオーシャンEX, Sutā Ōshan EX). The series premiered on TV Tokyo from April 3, 2001 and ran for twenty-six episodes until September 25, 2001. Movic released to VHS tape and Region 2 DVD across nine volumes, with the first released on July 27, 2001 and the final volume released March 29, 2002. Each volume contained two episodes, except the final volume which had three.

In 2004, Geneon Entertainment announced they had acquired the license to release the series to Region 1 DVD. They released the first of six volumes on January 4, 2005 and the final volume on November 22, 2005. In Geneon's release, the first two volumes contained five episodes each, while the remaining volumes contained four. On August 8, 2006, Geneon released all twenty-six episodes in a series box set.


  • 1 Transport (時空転送 Jikuu Tensou)
  • 2 Encounter (遭遇~コンタクト~ Souguu Kontakuto)
  • 3 The Magic Stone (魔石 Ma Seki)
  • 4 Heraldic Magic (紋章術師 Monshoujutsushi)
  • 5 Kuhazan (空破斬 Kuuhazan)
  • 6 Two-Headed Dragon (双頭竜 Soutou Ryuu)
  • 7 Tetragenes (異邦人[テトラジュネス Ihou Jin Tetorajunesu)
  • 8 Teardrop (涙 Namida)
  • 9 Harley (潮風[ハーリー] Shiokaze Haa Rii)
  • 10 Ghost Ship (幽霊船 Yuurei Sen)
  • 11 The Invention Girl (発明少女 Hatsumei Shoujo)
  • 12 Metox (月光花[メトークス] Gekkou Hana [Metookusu])
  • 13 Rampage (暴走 Bousou)
  • 14 Lacour (魔剣[ラクール] Ma Ken [Rakuuru])
  • 15 Suspicion (疑惑 Giwaku)
  • 16 Leon (少年[レオン] Shounen [Reon])
  • 17 Ruins (遺跡 Iseki)
  • 18 Fortress (要塞 Yousai)
  • 19 Solitude (孤独 Kodoku)
  • 20 Faith (希望 Kibou)
  • 21 Reunion (再会 Saikai)
  • 22 Friends (仲間 Nakama)
  • 23 Lacour Hope (決戦[ラクールホープ] Kessen Rakuuruhoopu)
  • 24 "Machine Castle (機械城 Kikai Jou)
  • 25 Energy Stone (輝光石[エナジーストーン] Teru Kou Seki Enajii Sutoon)
  • 26 Man of Valor (勇者[クロード] Yuusha Kuroodo)

DVD Releases

Region 1

Geneon Entertainment announced that they had acquired the license to release Star Ocean EX to Region 1 DVD in July 2004. They first released the series in six individual volumes with each volume included English and Japanese audio tracks and English subtitles. The first two volumes contain five episodes each, and the remaining volumes have four each. With the first four volumes, the on-disc extras included character profiles, while last two volumes had galleries of illustrations and the original Japanese cover art. The first volume was available in both regular and limited editions, with the limited edition including an art box that could hold all six volumes of the series.

Geneon also released the entire series as a box set that includes all six volumes in their original cases, but features a a different art box.

Region 2

Star Ocean EX was originally released to Region 2 DVD and VHS in Japan in nine individual volumes by Movic. The first volume, containing two episodes, was released on July 27, 2001. Subsequent volumes, each containing three episodes, followed on a monthly schedule.

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