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Star Ocean Perfect Sound Collection is the first Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey soundtrack. Despite this fact, it is an arrange album; Star Ocean has yet to receive a proper Original Soundtrack. It was composed by Motoi Sakuraba, Yoshiharu Gotanda, and Kazushi Satoh. It was arranged by Motoi Sakuraba. The first disc contains arranged music and the second disc is a collection of voices from the game.

Track List

Disc One - Arrange Version (52:42)

Track Number Track Name Length
01 New Generation ~Opening Theme~ 5:19
02 Poem ~Towns Theme~ 7:45
03 Worlds ~Fields Theme~ 6:11
04 Through the Mills ~Battles Theme~ 9:17
05 Death Trap ~Dungeons Theme~ 6:09
06 Kingdom ~Castles Theme~ 6:28
07 As Time Goes By ~Events Theme~ 6:02
08 Mother Ocean ~Ending Theme~ 5:32

Disc Two - Voice Collection (44:10)

Track Number Track Name Length
01 Narration 1:33
02 Captain 0:50
03 Science Officer 0:41
04 Computer 0:48
05 Ratix Farrence 3:43
06 Milly Kiliet 2:52
07 Dorn Marto 1:18
08 Ronixis J. Kenny 4:36
09 Iria Silvestri 3:49
10 Cius Warren 5:38
11 Joshua Jerand 4:18
12 Tinek Arukena 3:34
13 Marvel Frozen 2:33
14 Ashlay Barnbelt 2:57
15 Perisie 5:00

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