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Featured Article

Energy Nede
"Energy Nede is a planet rich in culture and technology. I can't see how much more advanced it can get."
Centropolis citizen on Energy Nede.

Energy Nede is an overdeveloped planet whose government ruled the universe 3.7 billion years ago with outstanding technology and economy, living in an utopia. It's located in the Theta Sector, near the Arcura System, with which it crosses every 7000 years. (more...)

Featured Media

"STAR OCEAN Forever" from Star Ocean: Second Evolution
SO2 - Star Ocean FOREVER

STAR OCEAN Forever is the leitmotif of the Star Ocean series and is present in every of the installment of the main series, either under its typical name, or as the base for arrangements (specially the ending theme). As it would be to expect from a leitmotif, it inspires a certain greatness, perhaps attempting to mirror the immensity of the Star Ocean itself.


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