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October 2008

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Maria Traydor Art

Maria Traydor (マリア・トレイター Maria Toreitā, Maria Traitor in Japan) is one of the main characters of Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. She is an enigmatic young and beautiful Earthling girl who is rumored to possess some very strange powers.

Orphaned at a pretty young age, she somehow became attached to Quark, through those having saved her after her mother's death, an anti-Federation organization most active in the Klaus System. Although she is an Earthling, her impeccable integrity led the anti-Federation organization Quark to make her their leader.

Now as its leader, she is using the group's resources to help her to discover the origin of her powers, leading her to the need to find Professor Robert Leingod and his family. This search leads her to send her friends and coworkers, Cliff Fittir and Mirage Koas, out to find Fayt Leingod.

She is the voice of reason in most situations and tends to be rather blunt. (more...)

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March 2009

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Star Ocean: The Last Hope (スター・オーシャン,Sutā Ōshan) is the newest installment in the Star Ocean series for the Xbox 360. The battle system features 4 party members and is more team-oriented than past games. The hero's name is Edge Maverick, while the heroine is named Reimi Saionji. The game features more of a sci-fi emphasis than past titles and includes the ability to control your own ship. This ship is quite large, and can to land on a number of planets and other space-based destinations. One can travel through the "star ocean," jumping across planets. The game will also take place a few centuries before the original Star Ocean (around SD 10, or approximately 2097 AD). (more...)

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November 2009

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SO3 Welch Vineyard

Welch Vineyard is one of the most recurring characters in the Star Ocean series, first appearing in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time as a non-player character, then making appearances in Star Ocean: First Departure and Star Ocean: Second Evolution as a playable character, and finally reappearing in Star Ocean: The Last Hope as a non-playable character.

Of unknown nature, Welch always appears as an eccentric youth, normally blonde and dressed with blue garments (Star Ocean: The Last Hope being the exception, where she exchanges blue and blonde for purple). She is always friendly and helpful to the party, in opposition to the arrogant Puffy, of similiar mysterious origin. (more...)

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February 2010

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Roak is a planet from the Theta Sector. It belongs to the Pangalactic Federation, having joined in S.D. 450. It is a lushy planet inhabited by the Roakians and its technology from S.D. 10 to S.D. 346 is comparable to XV century Earth. Three continents exist in its surface: Muan, Astral and Silvalant, and these are inhabited by Fellpool, Highlanders and Featherfolk. It is visited in the original Star Ocean and its PSP remake, and the recent Star Ocean: The Last Hope. (more...)

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May 2010

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Energy Nede
"Energy Nede is a planet rich in culture and technology. I can't see how much more advanced it can get."
Centropolis citizen on Energy Nede.

Energy Nede is an overdeveloped planet whose government ruled the universe 3.7 billion years ago with outstanding technology and economy, living in an utopia. It's located in the Theta Sector, near the Arcura System, with which it crosses every 7000 years. (more...)

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