"Go forth, and do what you must."
—Stephen D. Kenny

Stephen D. Kenny is the Earthling commander of the USTA Moon Base and a major non-playable character in Star Ocean: The Last Hope.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

The first person in Earth history to break the speed of light. A former Federation air force pilot, he personally volunteered for the dangerous manned test flight for Professor Trillas Bachtein's warp drive, and he successfully carried out a faster-than-light warp in an A.D 2087 experiment, a feat long dreamed of by all mankind. The experiment made clear numerous issues with manned warping and was a great leap forward in mankind's pursuit of the vast expanse of space. His exploits earned him the nickname "Lightspeed Kenny," and instantly made him one of the era's most iconic heroes. This event lead him to obtain the appointment as commander of the USTA's moonbase, overseeing space development and administration while offering behind-the-scenes support and inspiration for the SRF's efforts. It was during these events that an unknown force, later revealed to be Phantoms, attacked and destroyed Eldar, the Eldarian homeworld. These Phantom ships had the design of SRF ship, resulting in the Eldarians indicting Earth responsible. In order to prevent an intergalactic incident, the USTA officially denied that any such organization, known as the SRF, ever existed.

At this point in time, Commander Kenny was charged with erasing all traces of said organization, reluctantly accepting the order from Deputy Director Shimada. Soon thereafter, Kenny's ship would run into the SRF-003 Calnus, relaying the grave news. Edge Maverick and his crew in turn relay their own equally grave news about the Phantoms. Kenni ultimately let Edge's crew go after their unanimous consensus to move forward, even when it gets him in hot water with his superiors. However, this is rendered mot when colleague Heinz thoroughly explains the 'contradicting loophole' within their order: how could they destroy SRF's ships if the SRF did not exist?

Stephen Kenni

Later on, in the midst of the Morphus assault on Nox Obscurus, he arrives along with Supreme Commander Gaghan and a combined Earth-Eldarian fleet. They lend aid, allowing the Calnus to proceed towards the planet and bolster their beleaguered allies.

After the battle, Stephen Kenny was influential to the formation of the Terran Alliance, becoming its first president and creator of the Underdeveloped Planet Preservation Pact.

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