The Storm Brigade is one of three branches of the Kingdom of Airyglyph’s military. Their headquarters is Count Woltar’s residence in Kirlsa. Count Woltar is constantly raising objections toward Duke Vox’s methods because he thinks that Duke Vox’s people use excessive methods to achieve their goals. He is the oldest of the three captains, but wiser.


Captain: Count Woltar

Dictionary Entry

A cavalry brigade and one of the three military branches of the Kingdom of Airylglyph. The Storm Brigade rides around the battlefield on lighting-quick animals called lums, taking advantage of the animals’ running speed by charging and disrupting enemy formations.

The current captain of this brigade is Count Woltar, Lord of Kirlsa, who is also Commander of the Glyphian Defense Corps. In the Kingdom of Airyglyph, the appellation “knight” carries with it strong connections of personal valor, and soldiers assigned to any of the three brigades (Storm Brigade, Black Brigade, or Dragon Brigade) are always given this title.

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