SO1 Styx01

The group first arriving on Planet Styx.

Planet Styx, known as Stream in Japan, is a mysterious planet located in the Beta Sector, where the Time Gate is located. Other than this, the planet is a barren wasteland, with little to no areas of interest. However, due to the sole fact that the Time Gate is located on Styx, the Pangalactic Federation has prohibited all access to this planet.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey

Styx SO1

The Time Gate on Styx.

Ronyx J. Kenny escorts the party to Styx, with the intent of using the Time Gate, even though he knows he risks court martial. Styx is visited once again, when the party members from the past are seen home.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time


The portal to 4D Space.

Fayt Leingod and the party travel to Styx with the interest of using the Time Gate to access Fourth-Dimensional Space. However, the planet is heavily guarded by the Executioners, but they manage to get past them and access the Time Gate.

Sophia Esteed's power of Connection manifests shortly after arriving at the Time Gate. She uses her powers to reveal the Time Gate's true purpose, opening a portal to 4D Space that the party uses, emerging from an Eternal Sphere terminal in Arkives.

Dictionary Entry

Part 1

A mysterious planet that has been declared a prohibited zone under Federation law, together with the region of space surrounding it for five light years in all directions. While the space surrounding this planet is outside the borders of the Pangalactic Federation, it is said that countless Federation battle-class ships are stationed in the area. Despite the lack of information, rumors among the general population abound, including whispers that the planet is the entrance to the Daemonium, or that an ancient, extremely powerful civilization sleeps there in stasis--but these are mere guesses.

Part 2

A mysterious planet containing the remains of an extremely ancient civilization. One of the ruins on this planet is a mysterious device known as the Time Gate. Although it is thought that the Time Gate is a time machine, and that it enables travel through time, very few details are known about this device.