T'nique Arcana is a playable character in the original Star Ocean and its remake, Star Ocean: First Departure.


T'nique appears before Roddick in the arena during his winning streak at the Tatroi Arena. While he doesn't seem to pose a threat at first, he suddenly transforms into his wolf form and attacks Roddick. Roddick manages to defeat him, impressing him so much that he joins the party.


T'nique is shown to be eager to fight and tag along with the heroes after he is impressed by Roddick's prowess, and possesses a very cheerful and upbeat personality. Like any true martial artist, he is dedicated to his training, both to improve and remain in control of himself when he transforms.

A PA in Kraat reveals that he has some sort of worship for Ilia due to her forte in martial arts, as he dreams of her beating up Roddick, much to his chagrin.


To recruit T'nique, go back to the arena in Tatroi during the Emblem Quest. Clear the arena as far as Rank D. Or if you already have, the rank that you are at, eg Rank C or B or whatever. As far as I know, I did it with Roddick, but I think this works for other characters as well. For the final battle, T'nique will jump in from the audience to fight you. Defeat him in battle. If you have 6 characters or less, i.e 2 or more free slots, you will be given the option to ask him to join you, if not, nothing happens.


T'nique is capable of equipping spears and staves, and his armor consists of shoes and robes worn by martial artists. Since he is a Lycanthrope, he turns into a wolfman in battle.

Special Arts

Name MP Cost Level/SFT Learned
Tornado Strike 5 Default
Gale Strike 6 Default
Glacial Strike 12 Default
Double Destroyer 24 Default
Hurricane Strike 17 Default
Flame Tornado 19 (Tornado Strike + Bagua SFT)
Gale Hurricane 19 (Gale Strike + Bagua SFT)
Divine Strike 55 (Hurricane Strike + Bagua SFT)
Omega Strike 60 (Divine Strike + Omega SFT)


  • When on the quest for the Emblems, T'nique becomes the final enemy in Rank D of the Tatroi Arena. Beat him, and if you have six or less members in your party, he will offer to join.
  • Originally, in the first Star Ocean for SNES, there were no Private Actions whatsoever that involved T'nique, due to him being a late addition, therefore leaving him sorely undeveloped as a character. That, fortunately, was changed in First Departure, which grants him some much needed background development.
  • In the SNES version, T'nique can learn the Love of Animals talent, but not the Composition (Writing) talent. This is switched in the PSP version, where he can learn Composition (while not being able to start with it), but cannot learn Love of Animals.
  • T'nique's design greatly resembles Ranma Saotome, the protagonist of the manga series Ranma 1/2.


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