Edge Maverick battling at the Tatroi Coloesseum in S.D. 10.

The Tatroi Arena, also known as the Tatroi Colosseum, is the battle station for tournaments held in Tatroi. It is the main means of entertainment to the population of Tatroi, being always croweded with audience everyday. Its jurisdiction is exterior to the Kingdom of Astral, as the Arena was created and inititally run by a wealthy merchant.

In both Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey, and its remake Star Ocean: First Departure, and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, the Arena houses a sidequest. The player can enter its tournaments, although in the first Star Ocean, only solo battles are available.


Star Ocean: The Last Hope

Edge Maverick, unwillingly interfering with Roak's history and fearful of showing his techniques, unknown to any Roakian, enters the tournament in order to defeat the Black Eagle and recover the Stone Sickness remedy he stole from Astral Castle.

After defeating the thief, he is applauded as a hero to all of Astral, much to his dislike.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Roddick Farrence tries his luck at the Tatroi Arena upon visiting the city alongside Ilia Silvestri. His performance on the Arena calls the retired Arena champion, Ashlay Bernbeldt, attention and he offers himself to follow the youth on his travels.

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