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The Ten Wise Men
Wise men
The Wise Men in front of the Quadratic Sphere
The Ten Wise Men
Is also named
Is also named
4000000000 BC
Is first seen on
Eluria Tower

The Ten Wise Men, known as the Ten Sages in the Japanese version, are the main enemies of Star Ocean: The Second Story and appear only in the game at the end of the first disc. They are a group of skilled Nedians from four billion years ago who at first seem to wish to rule the universe, but are in fact a group of biological weapons created by their leader, Gabriel. Gabriel, known as Lantis at the time, created the Ten Wise Men by order of Energy Nede's government to rule the universe, but he changes their intent to destroy the universe instead, due to tragic events in his life.



Four billion years ago, Energy Nede ruled the entire universe. However, other planets decided to revolt when they gained access to some of Nede's technology. To defend themselves, they asked Dr. Lantis to create biological weapons that would be able to stop the revolt. Lantis then created the Ten Wise Men—the ultimate biological weapon. One group who opposed the Wise Men killed Lantis's daughter, Philia, in one of their attacks. Though at first her death was hidden from Lantis, he finally found out and, in sorrow, changed the purpose of the Wise Men from "conquer" to "destroy the universe." Lantis ultimately committed suicide, but not without first transferring his consciousness and creating an entity named after his daughter. The Wise Men were then sealed in Eternity Space, for what was supposed to have been forever.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Quadratic Sphere

The Ten Wise Men were sealed in Eternity Space along with a Quadratic Sphere, until it crashes into Expel in SD 366. Here, they caused havoc on the planet as they waited for it to crash with Energy Nede's energy shield. Close to this event, the Ten Wise Men encountered Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford at Eluria Tower, who they defeated with ease. After this event, they teleported everyone in the room to Energy Nede, so as to conclude their plot in their homeland.

Energy Nede

Upon returning to Energy Nede, the Ten Wise Men took possession of the Symbol of Annihilation and the fortress of Phynal, which they used as headquarters. They were faced by the Nedian army, which offered little resistance to their power and obliterated the Pangalactic Federation's battleship Calnus with their new weapon: a conjuction between the Symbol of Annihilation and the Quadratic Sphere.

The Ten Wise Men were eventually defeated by Claude, Rena and their friends, but Gabriel succeeded in causing heavy destruction using the Symbol of Annihilation, if only to the whole Nedian race.



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Gabriel is the leader of the Ten Wise Men. Though he is rather discreet during the game and leaves the other Wise Men to do most of the work, he is the mastermind behind the plan to destroy the universe using the Symbol of Annihilation. If the player completes several necessary side quests, it is revealed that Gabriel once was named Dr. Lantis, a genius scientist who lived four billion years ago and who is, in fact, the creator of the Ten Wise Men who made himself their leader after the death of his daughter, Philia.


Main article: Lucifer

Lucifer is the second-in-command of the Ten Wise Men and the only one of them who rejects the plan to destroy the Universe. His refusal may be due to the fact that he'd originally been created to be the leader, until Gabriel had decided otherwise. His reprogramming failed in part, as he was planning to overthrow Gabriel and kill the eight Wise Men who supported him in order to rule the galaxy.


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Main article: Cynne

Cynne is a monster, and attacks Expellians on behalf of the Ten Wise Men. It leads the monster army in the war against Lacuer, and is fought several times in the storyline, the last being at Eluria Tower. The monster type Cynne is, also appears as different monsters in random battles in the Cave of Tribulations.


Main article: Lavarre

Lavarre is a Nedian residing in the Field of Love in Energy Nede. She defeated the Guardian of the field long before the party arrived, engaging the party in its place.

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