The Tale of Star Ocean: Chapter One "Quickening" was a book found in a bookshelf in Village Cheif's House of the Village of Whipple on Vanguard III.


Asmodeous, one of the Demon Kings, spent his days in humiliation after the flesh that housed his spirit was shattered by a cat.The spirit of demons persists even after their flesh is gone. However, they suffer the wracking pains of death and the humiliation of helplessness while their flesh regenerates. Being a Demon Kings meant the regeneration of his flesh required an unimaginably long time compared to normal demon kind. And that seemingly endles time was more than enough to incite thoughts of destroying all living things in vengeance.

"O Asmodeous, Lord of the Underworld... I command thee to make a pact with me. Lend me thy strength to make the Milky Way mine own."

The Lord of the Underworld could not believe his ears, for he dwelt amid the deepest layers of the underworld. It should have been utterly impossible for even the most powerful summoning spell to reach the depths of his abyss.

"What is this!? A summoning spell? Could it be there is one capable of calling for me, the Lord of the Underworld? How dare thee! Reveal thyself!"

"I am he who was cast from the Ark of Redemption. I am an existance more ancient than the stars. now, come kneel before me, O Lord of the Underworld."

So it was that Asmodeous who was forcefully drawn into the world of mortals by a powerful summoning spell. Who is this sorcerer powerful enough to summon a Demon King? And what is his purpose?

Next, 'Humiliation,' The Final Chapter of the Tale of Star Ocean"

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