Thunder Storm

Ronyx casts Thunder Storm

Thunder Storm is a recurring symbology spell in the Star Ocean series. It is a mid-level lightning symbol which summons a series of lightning stikes on the battle field.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

"Lightning dances across the sky, hitting all enemies on screen."
—Symbol Description, First Departure.

Ronyx J. Kenny joins the party with Thunder Storm learned and Ioshua Jerand learns it at level 28. It costs 14 MP to cast.

Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Celine Jules learns Thunder Storm at level 31 and it costs 28 MP to cast.

Spell Combination

In Star Ocean: the Second Story, Thunderstorm is one of the symbols that can be combined with other symbols. The most notable combination is Thunderstorm + Gremlin's Lair, which can cause more than 9999 damage to every opponent. 

Possible combinations with Thunderstorm:

  • Thunderstorm + Acid Rain: Max damage on enemies who do not have any ability to absorb Thunder symbols. If Acid Rain was cast by Leon and Thunderstorm was cast by enemy, the combination will annihilate the whole hero's party (personal experience).
  • Thunderstorm + Deep Freeze: Hits a group of enemies targeted by Deep Freeze only. Not much different in damage.
  • Thunderstorm + Noah: Hits all opponents for considerable amount of damage. However, not very MP wise.
  • Thunderstorm + Press (Crush): Thunderstorm attacks all enemy, while Press damage one of them. Low damage.
  • Thunderstorm + Gravity Press (Gravity Crush): Hits all opponents with medium damage.
  • Thunderstorm + Gremlin's Lair (Ravenous Fiend): Attacks all. The most usefull combination. Lightning will damage all enemies, followed by slashes by numerous sickle and 4 bites by the Gremlin itself on every single opponent.


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