Throughout playing the Star Ocean Games I came across several spots that I got “stuck” and needed help. It maybe that I got lost, I got beat down or I was not able to solve a puzzle. This is not meant to be a walk through but rather a place you can come to. More often than not if one person is stuck so is another. It also offers some tips to help you get set up such as training areas or early unlockables while trying not to give the game away. Keep in mind everyone has their own play style so these may or may not help you and this will contain spoilers.

Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey / The First Departure

Tip # 1: Don't enter the abandoned mine inside Mt. Metorx until later in the game. You will more than likely be wiped out and then attempt to level up hoping to get some good stuff. This will eat up alot of time you could use to enjoy the game.

Tip # 2: Purchase a Pick Axe early on. You can equip it on a character not participating in battles so that you may still mine for ore.

Star Ocean: The Second Story / Second Evolution

Tip # 1: When playing as Claude and finally able to engage in battles, level up just outside Arlia. This is because you will lose his phaser gun when you advance the story in the next town.

Tip # 2: When playing as Rena, inside of the Forest of Symbols, after you fight the boss, but before you change screens and meet with Claude and Celine, you can unequip Dias of all of his equipment. It's a very smart idea to give Rena or Celine (if you have her) the Mind Ring and equip the heavy armor on Claude once you leave Marze.

Tip # 3: Dias is hardcoded to be unbeatable in the arena, don't grind just to beat him.

Tip # 4: It is possible to create the Eternal Sphere, arguably the most powerful weapon in the game, before entering Eluria Castle. It will take quite a bit of level grinding as well as gathering two Mithril.

Tip # 4: If you acquire and keep Opera for the remainder of the story, you can teach her the move "Healing Star," which will heal your entire party for 5999 HP, over 50% of the HP cap. This allows you to replace Rena for more damage.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

Tip # 1: After arriving on Vanguard III be sure to thoroughly explore the area around the escape pod. This area is very small. You should be able to get a map complete fairly quickly. Be sure to run Fayt around the edges to raise your percentage. once you get a little over 99% you will receive a 1/144 scale Bunny. You can use the bunny for 5% movement increase or you can sell it for 9000 Fol. 9000 Fol this early is a huge amount and will allow you to properly equip Fayt and Cliff as well as stock up on berries.

Tip # 2: Don't rely heavily on the same characters. There will be times where recover maybe hard to come by and if your second wing guys are weak you may be introuble. For example you may be too far in a dungeon, too weak to finish it, and too weak to escape.

Tip # 3: Item creation makes this game much easier. 1st, find a recipe you can make profit on. This will up your Fol. 2nd, many of the games best items actually are fairly in expensive. In the workshop, the general idea is to have the characters who have enough skill and are proper to make a specific item together. You want to aim for 10% of the purchase value of an item to get it. For example a sword that costs 2700 Fol to purchase you may be able to make by having the Fol amount near 270.

Tip # 4: As with any Star Ocean game being "off the wall" will affect your ending. When you meet characters throughout the game you can get what kind of personality they have. Rather than looking up a PA faq you can get their ending by choosing an answer that matches what they would choose.

Star Ocean: The Last Hope

- Play the International version. Not only are the original Japanese voiceovers included, several things were changed and added to the game.

- Party SP can be used for raising any character's skills, as well as for recipe discovery during Item Creation. Thus, early in the game when you still don't have too many things on your mind, max out all 14 tiles of your Bonus Gauge with green tiles. You can do this in the first area right after beating the boss - you also gain a 3rd party member during this time. A full green Battle Gauge gives +14 Party SP per battle, and it all quickly adds up - however, don't worry about "breaking" the game: some skills need literally 99 points per level, and at 10 levels that's 891 points (count: 99 points times 9 levelups, i.e. from level 1 to 10). That's just for one skill, on one character. Even if you went crazy like I did and maxed out all available skills for the 3 characters and went on to hoard around 5k+ Party SP, you'll still run out of Party SP soon.

- Speaking about the Bonus Gauge, allocate around 5-6 tiles for pink (+1% hp/mp restoration) to allow you to comfortably spam skills. The rest of your Bonus Gauge should be filled with green (+1 Party SP) tiles. Blue tiles (+10% exp) and yellow tiles (+10% fol) are low priority and should be avoided as you can simply catch up on exp and fol by grinding or through other exp/fol tricks.

- While grinding battles for whatever reasons, letting your party get surprised can result in a higher in-battle monster headcount depending on what you're fighting. The drawbacks of your party being surprised is negligible in comparison, unless you're underleveled in an area with stronger monsters.

- Simply setting foot in the Calnus will reset all harvest and mining points, you do not need to rest.

- Craft the Biorhythm Tester using IC as soon as you can and deploy it on the desk in Edge's room. When you load a save in the Calnus, always check the Biorhythm Tester - the "fortunes" it predicts is actually a reflection of the item drop rate success, and each character gets his/her own individual fortune. If you get a lot of bad fortunes simply reload your save and pop over to the Biorhythm Tester to check again. Note that you can only do one reading "per day", although this "day" period does not seem to be affected by resting - the only way to get another reading is to reload a saved game. This is usually no big deal unless you're trying to preserve your Bonus Gauge for some reason, because, just like in the previous game SO3, your Bonus Gauge is emptied whenever you reload a saved game.

- When the Colosseum becomes available to you later on upon reaching Roak, you should definitely spend some time there if you're grinding. The Team battle rank #14 is composed of 6 Scumbag Cowboys, who don't run away and give your party 60k exp and 4k fol every time you kill them. They are normally unkillable at this point, except that the fact you received the Scumbag Slayer weapon from a sidequest in Tropp just before the Colosseum opened for business. Equip it on Edge and use him to slaughter the scumbags - remember to cast Clear Condition on yourself when the scumbags cast Void on you, since Void apparently nullifies special weapon properties like 1hko scumbag slaying and not just actively casted buffs. You can easily level your party to 60+ at this point. Check out the Colosseum article for more tips.