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Tria is the recurring, universal and monotheistic deity of the Star Ocean universe. It is first mentioned in Star Ocean: The Second Story as the Goddess of Creation in both Expel and Nede.

While being considered as an in-game entity in the series, it is found in the Oracle Room from the first Star Ocean that Tria is actually tri-Ace's development team itself, and is used as a term to classify the creators, thus, being rather a "race" than a sole deity, although it is referred to as an individual in the other games. Tria is actually a play on words on tri-Ace(Tria).

Dictionary Entry

An extremely multifaceted god with a wide variety of aspects, ranging from irresponsible lout to uptight square, workaholic to lazy bum, sickly to healthy, even bespectacled to possessing 20/20 vision. Although sometimes Tria's mischief goes too far and he causes a big mess, kindly watching over him and keeping him out of trouble can only be good for your karma.

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