The party entering Triom, while Reimi comments on it.

Triom is a village, and the most acknowledged place on Lemuris during the story of Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It is the first place the SRF go to after landing on the planet. It is a small under-developed place with mud and straw huts and self-reliant villagers. When the party arrive they believe that the SRF are Gods because of their appearance, and the fact that the villagers constantly pray to the Gods.


In the game the party arrive at the village and are greeted by most of the village, showing there are little numbers of them, and they believe that the SRF are Gods. The party are startled and quickly move away from the adoring crowd. After searching the town they are lead to the village elder's, Ghimdo, house and speak with him. He reveals several events that relate to the story and the party also recieve Lymle for the rest of the game. They are then sent out on the mains storyline quest and travel back to the village several times for information and such. The last time they visit it though most of inhabatants are dead from the Bacculus disease including Ghimdo. This puts Lymle in distress and the SRF agree to take her with them.

Dictionary Entry

A small village on the southern end of planet Lemuris's northern continent. While the local climate isn't as harsh as it is further north, the proclivity of disease in the area has caused most residents to migrate northward. The recent appearance of monsters in the nearby plains has made even leaving the village difficult. It is now home to only a handful of citizens, cowering in fear of the monster threat.

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