The Uninstaller is a device used to destroy the Executioners, created by the programmers of the Eternal Sphere who feel that Luther's course of action was too drastic.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The programmers in the Sphere Corporation give the uninstaller to Fayt and tell him that they created the uninstaller because they felt that just destroying the Mily Way galaxy was going too far. They felt that the people of the Eternal Sphere were more than just a simulation for their entertaiment. They are told of the catch though: the uninstaller must be run from inside the Sphere.

As the party go looking for a terminal to access the Eternal Sphere, they are stopped by Berial and Belzeber. After defeating them, Berial tells them that Luther already knows about the uninstaller and tells them it's too late.

Back inside the sphere, Sophia runs the uninstaller. While it looks like it worked at first, in reality it activated a security protocol that summoned a new kind of Executioner, the Convictor. After defeating it, Blair appears and tells them that Luther predicted their move and placed a countermeasure to the uninstaller, rendering it useless.

Dictionary Entry

A symbological program that deletes Executioners from inside the Eternal Sphere. By executing this program at the Time Gate, it is possible to stop the activities of the Enforcers and Proclaimers.

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