Usta logo

USTA emblem (Fan-made)

Universal Science and Technology Administration, also known as, the USTA, is an organization established by consensus vote in the Greater United Nations around A.D 2065. Its purpose is to research peaceful uses for outer space and to help preserve the human race. The USTA is composed of several project teams, each preforming research and development on a variety of technologies. To prevent wars and arms races between nations, the organization avoids any involvement in military affairs.

USTA scientists

USTA scientists researching space warp

Things began to move in AD 2087, when Professor Trillas Bachtein's space warp succeeded, inching humanity's dream closer to a reality. Shortly afterward, the USTA began to secretly implement the SRF project, and in S.D. 10, the first official SRF mission began.

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