• Brant Flir

    Hello, I just started a new playthrough with Rena, mostly because I want to recruit Dias Flac , argueably my favorate character in the game . I just got through the long intorduction and have progressed in the story as far as staying at Rena's aunt's hotel in Krosse city; after this point I have spent my last few playing sessions grinding in the Lasgus Mountains west of Krosse. I have not been practicing Justus_Bowman's StaP as I do not plan on using either Rena or Claude (a first time for me) throughout the remainder of the game.

    My party will be:

    Fighter: Dias Flac (StaP Optimized for: Str, Con, Dex, Guts)

    Fighter: Ernest Raviede (StaP Optimized for: Str, Con, Dex, Guts) or Chisato Madison (StaP Optimized for: Str, Con, Int, Stm, Guts)


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