• Henryacores

    Nooooo!!! ;_;

    One month or so aaway nd it all goes into jeopardy! Blue Sphere for Mobile?! GODDAMN YOU SQUARE-ENIX! What about developing titles I can *cough* *ack* know...Oh well. Guess all I can do is hope for an english patch for the GB version, which looks like total shit in comparison to this new shiny thing.

    Also, tag shorts must be shot! Please use those informal shorts in templates alone, so that no lurker can see them easily. So that's it. (Star Ocean 4) > (SO4) and so on. Not only they are unprofessional as they look bad and are a pain in the ass to move, so please start following the uniformity seen in the small number of articles of this wiki. Also, try to categorize under Game categories as scarcely as you can. Otherwise …

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