Van y Ille City

The city of Van y Ille.

Van y Ille City is the capital of the Van Kingdom, and is located on the Silvalant Continent. Its kingdom is the head of the Roakian resistance against Asmodeus.


Star Ocean: Fantastic Space Odyssey/First Departure

Van y Ille City - WM

Van y Ille City on the World Map.

Finally toghether, the heroes head to Van y Ille City to join the forces against Asmodeus, the Archfiend. They meet with the King of Van, who tests them in the Labyrinth of Champions. Returning victorius from the battles inside, the party is granted the Van Emblem, and the mission to collect all of the four kingdom emblems.

Upon obtaining all of the emblems, the party returns to Van Castle, only to find that the Eye of Truth lies in the Purgatorium. After collecting it, they return once again to the throne room at Van Castle and inform the king. Suddenly, a demon appears with the foul news that Asmodeus has completed his mass-destruction machine, and with it, he has annihilated Durss. The heroes then hurry to the deserted island south of Silvalant City, in order to enter the Demon World.

Character Recruitment Changes

  • If Ashlay is in the party, he will guide the party to the king.


Oroshi the Peddler
Item Cost
Blueberries 50
Blackberries 180
Aquaberries 70
Antidote 100
Medicine Bottle 300
Resurrection Elixir 500
Artemis Leaf 1200
Wolfsbane 600
Mandrake 80
Rose Hip 230
Lavender 35
Athelas 800
Ruby 600
Sapphire 600
Diamond 300
Pet Food 10
Spectacles 10
Magic Canvas 300
Magic Clay 300
Keen Kitchen Knife 4000
Victor the Cobbler
Item Cost
Sandals 30
Boots 50
Suede Boots 400
Leather Boots 800
Martial Arts Shoes 920
Kung Fu Shoes 2200
Shaolin Shoes 2200
The Mighty Battleaxe
Item Cost
Sinclair 2000
Zweihander 4000
Taloned Knuckles 3000
Gladius 1300
Quarterstaff 200
Long Bow 2000
Water Orb 8000
Fuzzy Handy Stick 1000
Silver Robe 3000
Kung Fu Top 3200
Shaolin Top 1800
Fashionable Bikini 1800
Knight's Shield 1100
Plate Greaves 1300
Food for the Valiant
Item Cost
Grains 150
Fruit 80
Vegetables 20
Meat 50
Seafood 150
Organic Vegetables 4000
Sweet Fruit 2000
Skill Guild
Item Cost
Knowledge 3 2700
Sense 3 2700
Technical 3 3600
Combat 3 4500


  • Resurrection Elixir
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