Vanguard III is a planet located in the Beta Sector, which appears early on in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

Dictionary Entry

The third planet of the Vanguard System, which has an atmospheric composition and surface gravity that are very close to those of Earth.

Vanguard III has an axial tilt of 35.0°, is 1.2 AUs away from its parent star, and has a surface gravity of 0.72 G. It is registered in the Galactic Atlas as having a technological level equivalent to 16th century Earth, so it is considered to be an underdeveloped planet.

Its soil is russet colored due to the high percentage of hematite in the soil, and almost all of its population has settled in the forested regions that dot coasts and other areas. The total population of sentient life forms is approximately 200 million.


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