Vanilla is an Inventor in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. A Retail Rabbit living in the Urssa Lava Caves, he spends most of his time trying to keep monsters out of his house and is annoyed when Fayt drops in uninvited.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

The party find Vanilla in his workshop in the Lave Caves. At first he wonders how Fayt got past his locked door, but he is silenced when Fayt shows him the Bunny Ears key they found in the caves. They then ask Vanilla how they can reach Crosell and he tells them they'll need a Ring of Disintegration to remove all the boulders in the way. He then sends the party to the Airyglyph Aqueducts to find the raw materials needed to make a ring. When they return he makes the ring for an amount the party chose.

Later the party can return to him and simply hire him for some money.


  • Skills: Level 32 Engineering
  • Time: +0%
  • Cost: +30%
  • Recruited with: 30,000 Fol
Can Invent
Repulsive Lump Overwrought Product
Strange Lump Misconceived Product
Reducer Duck-Duck Bomb
Em Bomb Em Bomb Mp
Shielding Device Flare Bomb
Mind Bomb Em Stun Bomb
Em Stun Bomb Mp Berserker Device
Soul Strengthening Device Mass Reducer
Ultimate Bomb Em Explosive 2
Em Explosive Mp Mega-Flare Bomb
Deadly Mind Bomb Healing Device Mk1
ES Hybrid Bomb Tricky Bomb
Battle Sphere Tricky Duck Bomb
ES Hybrid Explosive Power Blaster
Beguiling Device Pulse Needle
Hawk Wind Photonic Blaster

Dictionary Entry

A young Retail Rabbit living in the Urssa Lava Caves for an unknown reason. This eccentric character is interested in manufacturing as well as sales, unlike most Retail Rabbits. One characteristic he does share with the others is an obnoxious fixation on money. It is possible that Vanilla may be making a living by selling to the dragons. But when you think about it, what would a dragon want, anyway?

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