This boss is your first real challenge in the game. He is big, has lots of health, and fights accompanied by a lesser pirate thug. Its not to hard to hit this boss, because he is so big. And skilled players a can keep him stunned between your group. The problem is when you or your party switch targets to take care of his henchmen. When allowed to strike back the boss has a strong shockwave aura attack that knockes everyone back and does major damage. You can tell he is using it because he hunches over almost like he is going to throw up. But instead he lets loose his stored energy and kockes everything around him back. This isnt a problem if you only have one figher close to him, but if your whole party is in range they will take damage. Taking control of Ilia for this fight and  spamming palm of destruction is a sure fire way to win. He wont be able to get close enough to hit her. More daring players and stick with Roddick, and have a go up close. Just make sure to try to hit him from behind.