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Versus mode is an extra, unlockable game mode included in the Star Ocean: Till the End of Time Director's Cut (also NA/PAL releases) that allows you to pit your party members against each other. This is the only portion of any Star Ocean game that includes any multiplayer component.

Unlocking Versus Mode

To unlock Versus Mode, you must complete the Aquatic Gardens of Surferio, collect the Paracelsus's Table and give it to Welch Vineyard in Peterny.


Versus mode features a variety of match setups which are:

  • 1P vs CPU
  • 1P vs 2P
  • 1P vs CPU vs CPU
  • 1P vs 2P vs CPU

Characters and Abilities

All 10 possible party members in the game, including Fayt, Cliff, Nel, Maria, Sophia, Albel, Roger, Adray, Peppita, and Mirage are all playable. The humans and Cliff are available from the start, while the Elicoorians and Mirage must be unlocked by collecting trading cards found throughout the game world.

Each character has a choice of 3 distinct styles of abilities to use in battle. The abilities in each of these styles is predetermined and cannot be modified.

No exp is awarded for these matches.


This mode grants access to various costumes for each character that are unlocked by collecting trading card "EX" cards which are also found throughout the game world.


There are 53 unlockable stages in which you can stage your battle. To unlock a stage, you need only battle in that area once. For example, the Urssa Lava Caves stage is unlocked by battling an enemy in the Urssa Lava Caves.

Battle music can be changed before a battle by pressing or holding one or a combination of R1/R2/L1/L2 while selecting an arena.

The list of stages is as follows:

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