Captain Volga

Captain Volga on the bridge of the Helre.

"I want you all to know: our chances are slim."
—Commander Volga

Commander Volga was the Captain of the Transport Ship GFSS-12372 Helre and was stationed on Remote Station 6.


"This kind of danger is why they pay us the big bucks"
—Volga replied to Fayt after the latter articulated worries about Volga's choice to stay onboard.

The captain of the Helre, Commander Volga was a skilled officer and had great care for his ship, crew, and those under his charge. He rescued the guests and employees of the Gratier Resort Hotel on Hyda IV following the Vendeeni attack and his goal was to take them safely all the way to Remote Station 6. Unfortunately, a Vendeeni ambushed aimed at captured Fayt Leingod ruled out this possibility and he apologized to the passengers for not being able to take them all the way there before ordering them to the nearest escape pods. He fought the Vendeeni till the last, attempting to let every escape pod warp to safety.

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