The Wandering Dungeon is an extra hidden dungeon located on En II in Star Ocean: The Last Hope. It is unlocked after defeating Gabriel Celesta in the Cave of the Seven Stars. It is here that the most powerful equipment and monsters reside.


The Dungeon is rather unique in that each of its 20 floors are randomly generated. The prerequisites to get to the next floor are also randomly generated (obtaining key items drops from the monsters, destroying all elemental crystals, or simply defeating waves of enemy formations). Though every other level, the possession of a doll is required. These dolls are dropped from boss creatures. The items of the chest in each level are also randomly generated, so you may just get them all and up to the max you can have (20).

If one were to leave the dungeon, they would have to go through all of the floors again. If they were to persist in their advance, the Ethereal Queen awaits. (That's on the 20th floor) After that if you wish to keep going the floors continued onward are just repeats of the 19th and 20th floors.


Besides the Ethereal Queen, there are many other bosses every other floor and they generally are always going to be the same. These bosses are

  • 2F: Prehistoric Psynard
  • 4F: Ring Beast
  • 6F: Chimera Beast
  • 8F: Imperfect Armaros
  • 10F: Armaros Manifest II
  • 12F: Runaway Dragon
  • 14F: Kokabiel Risen
  • 16F: Shadow Edge, Bacchus and Myuria
  • 18F: Shadow Faize, Lymle, Meracle
  • 20F: Ethereal Queen


There are only 2 NPCs linked with this dungeon.

  • Barago - Located outside the dungeon and who you must speak with the gain entry to the dungeon.
  • Santa - Found after completion of floor 8, commonly on levels with bosses (see list above)

Santa will sell you items and has 8 quests required for you to complete. These are required to gain the 100% quest Dutiful Deliverer trophy/achievement on your console


On each floor there area many chests which can give a variety of rewards. These can range from Fol to armour and weapons. Generally; the character's best weapons and armour can be found in these chests. It is not guaranteed to get these items. List of the armour and weapons below;

  • 3F: Plate of the Lost Monarch - Bacchus (A)
  • 4F: Artifact Bow - Reimi (W)
  • 5F: Plate of the Lost Monarch - Bacchus (A)
  • 6F: Artifact Bow - Reimi (W)
  • 7F: Blazing Wand - Lymle (W)
  • 7F: Infinity Saber - Faize (W)
  • 8F: Blazing Wand - Lymle (W)
  • 9F: Trident Harpoon - Sarah (W)
  • 10F: HIdden Claws "Crimson Falcons" - Meracle (W)
  • 11F: Absolute Protector - Reimi/Meracle (A)
  • 11F: Infinity Saber - Faize (W)
  • 12F: HIdden Claws "Crimson Falcons" - Meracle (W)
  • 13F: Absolute Protector - Reimi/Meracle (A)
  • 13F: Trident Harpoon - Sarah (W)
  • 14F: Blood Scepter - Myuria (W)
  • 15F: Blood Scepter - Myuria (W)
  • 16F: Absolute Protector - Reimi/Meracle (A)
  • 16F: Ultimate Cannon - Bacchus (W)
  • 17F: Demon Sword "Levantine" - Edge (W)
  • 18F: Ultimate Cannon - Bacchus (W)
  • 19F: Demon Sword "Levantine" - Edge (W)

Key - XF : Y - N (Z) X = Current Floor; Y= Item Name; N= Character(s) able to equip; (Z) = Armour (A) or Weapon (W)

The chests give a random item and as you progress further the rarityt of these items increases. You'll only ever recieve 1 unit of a particular item and there is only 1 item per chest. The exception to this is Fol where you will receive an amount between 1 and 30000 (thirty thousand).


As mentioned above; each floor in this dungeon has a requirement to pass to the next floor. These are Geostone, Seraphic Doll(Boss), "Assassins"(Ambush attack) and Disintegration Crystals

For the Geostone floors it is worth checking all chests beforehand as many many contain a geostone. If you are still short, which is probable, you'll need to fight enemies. It is best to find a room with 2 or 3 and run them into and ambush. If you keep doing this you will soon have enough to pass the floor.

-Tip1: If you have Meracle and have completed two Sandbird quests in Tropp, which you get from the old adventurer in Tatroi, you will have the Ocarina skill. This can be taught and will automactially respawn all enemies in a small radius around Edge when in the field.

-Tip2: Depending on the enemies you face on each floor, include select party members to increase geostone drops depending on their -ology type. These will also count towards the total drops required for battle trophies. This only works if you control the character

-Tip3: If you don't want to change out your party members to match the enemies -ology for whatever reason you could use Myuria's/Mercle's passive ability steal to just steal the item, but personally i have yet to recieve a geostone from doing so and may just be easier to control the correct character.

For the Seraphic Doll floors you are required to fight one of the ingame bosses again. These are detailed in the list above. There is nothing effecting the drops from these creatures and you are guaranteed a Seraphic Doll, as long as you beat them.

For the "Assassins"(Ambush attack) floors you'll need to fight a series of enemies. There's nothing much to these floors, just find the pedestool and you'll instantly go into battle.

-Tip1: If you get a "Assassins"(Ambush attack) floor in one of the later floors; around Floor10 and above, you may wish to use Edge to get his Ambush battle trophy.

For the Disintegration Crystal floors you'll have to visit all rooms on the floor to destroy crystals. These are destroyed by using the disintegration rings. These are rings of the main elements and you use 1 charge to destroy the crystal.

-Tip1: If you have Lymle's charge skill; which can can found in Mega Insect Warren(Armaros Mainifest boss area) or on Nox(end planet) and will fully charge the rings at the cost of one disintegration stone. This is handy as disintegration stones are possible loot from chests.

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