Westa is a minor character in Star Ocean: The Second Story. A native resident of the town of Arlia, she is the adoptive mother of Rena.

Westa is extremely caring person, if not sometimes overprotective. She has a soft spot for Rena.


"I just wouldn't know what to do if The Warrior didn't like my food."
—West speaking to Claude.

Westa lived in a small house in Arlia with her husband, though they had no children. One day, she ventured through the Sacred Forest and heard the cries of an infant. Walking further into the wilderness, Westa found a two-year-old Rena in a clearing and brought her home. Westa noticed Rena's odd pendant and pointed ears uncharacteristic of a Expellian, but she and her husband adopted the child anyway. The couple never told Rena that she was not their real daughter.

When Rena was still a girl, her adoptive father died. Late one night, Westa poured out her emotions to the Elder of Arlia, expressing anxiety for the family's future. The Elder warned Westa to keep her voice down, but upstairs, Rena had awoken and was listening intently, unbeknownst to Westa and the Elder. Downstairs, Westa talked about adopting Rena, and it was that night that the young girl learned of her ambiguous birth.

Despite this shocking revelation, Rena never told her mother that she knew of her adoption. When Claude arrived in Arlia, after saveing Rena's life, Westa cooked him an enormous meal, thinking he was the "Hero of Light". On the next day, Rena was kidnapped and taken to Salva by Allen's grunts. After Claude saved Rena, she joined him in order to find her birth mother. Westa gave her permission to leave and tearfully waved goodbye, ultimately proud of her adoptive daughter.

Family Tree

Rena A. Tree
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