Whipple is a small village found on Vanguard III in Star Ocean: Till the End of Time. It has a small population consisting mainly of farmers, but life is quiet and peaceful. That is, until a man called Norton came by.


Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

A few months before the main events of the story, Norton crashed the prison ship he was on onto Vanguard III. Realizing he had no way of getting off the planet, he immediately started coercing the people of Whipple into giving him their food. They initially refused, saying they needed it to survive the winter, but Norton just shot anyone who resisted.

The people of Whipple start giving into Norton's demands, and some even join him. However, the local lord will not send people to help the village, believing them to be lying about a man who can shoot light from his hands.

Fayt, after crash landing on Vanguard III, is found unconscious outside Whipple by the young Vanguardian Meena. When he comes to, he is told by a young boy called Niklas that he had collapsed outside the village.

While Fayt is recovering, he finds out that the village is being tormented by Norton, who wears clothes just as strange as Fayt's. As such, the people of the village are suspicious of this new outsider. In order to gain their trust, Fayt goes to the ruins where Norton is set up to rescue Niklas, who had recently gone to the ruins to talk to Norton.

After dealing with Norton and rescuing Niklas, the people of Whipple are grateful to Fayt, and ask if he'd like to stay. However, Fayt has to leave with Cliff and can't stay around any longer, which upsets Meena.


"From accessories, to a wee bit o' medicine...Feel free to consult with us.

Manybloom General Store."

—Sign outside General Store "Manybloom" in Whipple
Item Cost
Blueberries 45
Blackberries 35
Clone Generator 350
Fresh Sage 310
Pomello Juice 32718
Ring Mail 180


  • Blueberries
  • Aquaberries
  • Blackberries x2
  • 600 Fol

Dictionary Entry

The village Fayt first arrived at after crash-landing on Vanguard III. Comprised of farmers and fieldworkers, this village possesses no particular industry.

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