Wind Swallow Valley is an area in Lemuris that connects the Thalia Plains with the Rinoa Mountains. It is located northeast of Triom and directly east of the Alanaire Citadel.

In Star Ocean: The Last Hope it is the only way of access into the Celestial Ship, and a Fire Ring is needed in order to melt the snow that blocks the way into the pass.



Harvesting Points

Mining Point (Hidden under Snow Pile)

Mining Point (Center of the area)

Dictionary Entry

A valley in the Riona Mountains to the north, accessible by crossing a frozen lake. Said be the place where a "celestial ship" crash-landed several months ago. Its name stems from the resemblance to a great flock of swallows flying off when wind and snow blow through the valley. The mighty collumns of ice created by the windswept snow make navigation extremely difficult.

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