Ww3 combat

Nucelar weapons were used without restraint

World War III was the third global military conflict in Earth's history, fought in A.D 2064 between the World Republic Federation and an alliance of opposing nations after a fracturing of views over space-development rights. An initial attack with electromagnetic weapons designed to disable information networks and paralyze urban areas triggered a malfunction in unmanned drone bombers, causing them to launch nuclear missiles at cities. The chaos that prevailed over the next few hours resulted in the widespread use of weapons of mass destruction in retaliation, devastating the planet's environment and putting the human race in danger of total annihilation.
Peace agreement

Peace is made, officially ending World War III

A cease-fire agreement was signed between both sides two weeks later in the interest of preserving mankind, marking an official end to the war.
Ww3 survivors space exploration

Survivors observe a space shuttle lift-off

This conflict, while devastating, was a prelude to mankind's true exploration of space. After the war in A.D 2065, the governments of Earth united, forming the Greater United Nations, which in turn formed the USTA, an organization determined to preserve humanity and restore Earth's ecosystem. The USTA was also charged with finding and exploring habitable planets for human emigration.

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