"Book for learning the battle skill "Common Attack Symbols." "
Star Ocean: Till the End of Time


This Symbological tome can be written by any number of writers throughout the universe. The studious reader of this text can learn how to utilize Common Attack Symbols--effectively making them Symbologists. This tome is quite thick with an orange hardcover marked with two red x's on each face and gold script up the spine. It contains detailed explanations for using basic, common attack symbology. Apparently, the runes within this book can be activated directly instead of tattooing them onto one's body.


The book will allow characters who don't learn Symbology naturally to have Fire Bolt, Ice Needles and Earth Glaive in their ability list. Since Cliff, Mirage, Albel, Roger and Peppita learn no spells of their own through leveling, this can let them fiddle around with the prospect of being casters. Special care must be taken as there are a limited number of these books per playthrough and they can't be made via Item Creation or stolen from any enemies once they're all used up. While the three spells the tome teaches are basic rank Symbology, they can allow for some long distance interruptions as well as give some characters a means to attack from afar if they currently don't have the means.


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