Yuki in Star Ocean EX.

Yuki (ユキ) is a minor character from Star Ocean: The Second Story and Star Ocean EX. In the game she only appears in Salva where she sells jams at her shop. In a private action, she can be found at the Salva Drift entrance, practicing her singing. She states that she wants to be an idol someday, but feels self-concious because of her freckles. The player can either encourage or discourage her dream, but either way she continues watching over the jam shop. In a few other private actions, she seems to experiment with different types of new jams, such as spicy peppers or yogurt, but only Precis likes these more creative flavors.

In the manga and anime she has an expanded role, particularly in the anime. As she is bullied by the infamous gang in Episode 2, Claude saves her and returns her stolen items. She has since then made her appearances in various episodes every now and then, acting like a supporting character to the party when they are in need. She even fulfills her dream by becoming a singer at the Lacour military base.