"Allow us to introduce ourselves. It would be just too pitiful to get killed by someone you don't even know the name of, you see? Starting with me, my name is Zadkiel"
—Zadkiel before battle.

Zadkiel, also known as Ruprecht, is an antagonist and one of the Ten Wise Men in Star Ocean: The Second Story and its remake, Star Ocean: Second Evolution.


Star Ocean: The Second Story/Second Evolution

Zadkiel first appears atop Eluria Tower with the other Wise Men, moments before the clash of Expel with Energy Nede, and their teleportation. Along with Camael, he has the task of gathering any information that is relevant to the group. The information is then processed/translated by Raphael. It was through these three that Lantis found out about the death of his daughter and went insane, which resulted in the events of the game.

He is then only seen again in Phynal, along with Raphael and Camael, where they all fight Claude, Rena and their friends, ending up defeated in the end.


  • Zadkiel is fought in the second invasion of Phynal, alongside Camael and Raphael. He has the highest HP and MP of the 3 and therefore the strongest in power with 112,000 HP and 400 MP. Like Raphael he can teleport all over the field making him a serious threat his tornado like attack from his tuning fork can cause mulitple hits and can instantly stun and kill a party member if caught off guard. He will constantly spam his Mind Absorber spell throughout the battle to rob you of your MP other then that spell he knows support spells such as Protection, Haste and Bless.


  • All of Zadkiel's supportive spells are always focused on Raphael.
  • If Camael or Raphael is defeated before Zadkiel, Zadkiel attacks less and becomes idle.