Star Ocean: The Second Story and Second Evolution Enemy
Zaphkiel battle
Location Fun City
Resistance Earth, Fire, Dark
Experience 72000
Fol Dropped 50000
Items Dropped

Zaphkiel is a boss in Star Ocean: The Second Story and Second Evolution. He is one of the Ten Wise Men and is fought twice in the game: in the first time the party enters Phynal, and the second time in Fun City, although he is undefeatable in the first time.


Zaphkiel fights using his oversized sword with incredible strength and speed, and will chase the player through the area. His attacks are strong, but they are nothing you shouldn't be used to. At level 70, Zaphkiel is a simple foe, just hack and slash at him, but don't waste many of your items or MP, as Jophiel is fought right after this fight, and is a more difficult opponent to defeat.

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